Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

I awake in a cold sweat,

Remembering the nightmares I have still and yet.

Each night dreamless and restless,

Because I know I have lost, the best part of me,

I dream no more, each night a black deep hole,

Dreams have vanished, thoughts are dead,

There is, a blackness in my head.


What happened to my dreams?

What happened to my wishes, my wants, my needs,

I have no more of these,

So it seems.


Each night brings pain in my back, my stomach and my heart,

The pain I can live with, if need be,

But the dreams were once a central part of me.

Sleepless nights,

Full of darkness ,

Full of fright!.

How I hate when the sun goes down,

Knowing when it rises again,

I may not be around!.

The sleepless nights, bring to me my tears,

My mind and heart remembers the hurt of the past years.

So I suffer each night, without any dreams,

Sleepless nights are mine for now and forever more,

So it seems.




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