My Look at Ages in People!

       Wednesday is always hump day no matter what country, state or area your in. It’s the mid point everyone waits for so they can go down slope till the weekends. People all over the world work hard till the weekends, then they take all the money and effort they made and act like idiots and go out and get high or drink it all away. Why is that, ever wonder, it’s simple, a release of a weeks worth of pressure costs us money and time and looking stupid doesn’t matter, we are drunk or high or just acting stupid  It’s sorta like a revolving situation that we don’t outgrow till most of us hit our early 40s.  Outside we may be in our 40s but inside we are still in 7th grade and having fun, till we realize, oh shit I am screwing up and blowing what I have and make, then we all stop. There is something to say for  getting older and more mature.

       When your in your teens you can do anything and you usually do and end up in trouble at home or at school or else where, and the adult know what your doing, they did it too, so they let ya go ahead and learn.

         By your 20s your raising hell legally and doing it at the cost of your own paycheck and health and not giving a damn. You do it anyway and ya just don’t care cause you think it’s fun and what the hell everyone else is doing it too right!

         In your 30s you begin to realize, ut oh, my wallet or purse can’t take this and neither can my body, I have to stop, so you slowly start to widdle iot downa nd slow down, work is more importnat and so is paying the bills and the wife and kids.

       Then the 40s do hit and your like enough I have things to do, work to go to, bills to pay, a roof to keep over our heads. So you buckle down the beer and liquor go away, the pot disappears if there is any and you knuckle down to care for what you got. 

       Then ya get like me in my 50s, ya don’t drink, smoke, or run and fight no more. You have a home, a wife, and kids, you have responsibilities and a real life Now the only question you have at this time is, how did I get this far and did I do it right? Lol believe me that is how it goes? 

        I don’t know what the 60’s or 70s will bring  as far as age goes, but I do know if your lucky enough to get there you do start going backwards in actions and fun. So I am willing to wait and see what happens.



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