Thoughts of Family and Parents

     As we now close in on June 2013, I think back to summer fun with parents, siblings and friends in my younger days. I reflect on the good times and try hard to forget the bad. Not all of life is good or great, but we overcome the bad or disappointing and head toward better as we go along, We strive for the best and hope and pray we bring all we love with us. We dream big, and wish all we love the best, that’s the way I always think anyway.

We can’t right everything in the world or even in our own lives, but we can sure try to eliminate those problems in the future. No one is perfect, no one can do all things right and we all make mistakes. It is how we overcome those mistakes that makes us who we are each day.

We are all what our parents, families, friends and lovers put into us. Those experiences stay with us, unless we are affected by violence or mistreated. When those things happen as human being we work overtime to overcome them and still try to be the best we can be!

My Family growing up, was the 5 siblings, myself included, our parents one who was our mother and the other a step-father who stepped in to raise two children that were not his plus three of his own. He wasn’t perfect no one is and we put up with verbal and mental abuse as well as physical abuse too. But did he intend it all, no he was raised that way and it was all he ever knew. But he provided a home, figure to look up to and he taught us in his own ways.

So as my mind flashes back to childhood as June is a coming and Father’s Day is around the corner. I have only one thing to say, He may not have been Mr’ Personality, or, Mr Correct 24/7, but he was always there, providing food, a home, clothing and helping where he could. And all his actions were not his fault, he was pushed by our mother, who was far from perfect too. So in the end, we all grew up different from each other,estranged from each other because of the traits he and our mom passed on to us.

      So today, we are a family divided by distances, differences, personalities and beliefs. One is in the South living his life to show he can do it and so he looks rich and smart when he isn’t. Then there is me, I escaped all of it to become a Military Man, a writer, a father and grandfather too. An Average American who likes life and hides from pain.

The third son, and his first by my mother, had it the roughest at all times. He was beaten into submission by his father yet rebelled and took all he could and ran. He ran across America to Texas then on to California where at 30 years old he died from Aids and a drug overdose and changed his name to hide himself at death. The poor boy never had a chance, and he knew it, but he did his best to leave behind a son.

The daughter grew up to be sweet, beautiful, respected and protected by her Dad and brothers. She became a woman of beauty, skills, and smarts. A Professional Helper to a Businessman and Scholar. She has all she needs to live a full life now, till she dies. And believe me she will leave a lot to her children when she goes.

          The Baby Boy, grew up to be a man in his own right and greatly resembles his father. He is an artist in his own right, a worker and a decent person, except for the faults put in him like the rest of us by our parents. Not a one of us is perfect in every way  but we learn as we go and adapt to life as it comes along and survive. The truth is no Family is perfect, we didn’t have any killers or real criminals at all. Yet we are each messed up a bit in our own ways. But life has produced a future, a life we live no matter what and we can not blame our parents for our lives or who we are, we are too old now, and know it is our choices that make us who we are!


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