Sunday,/ Job Markets/Veterans/Pet Peeves

       Sunday has arrived and for many it is Church Day and for others it is relaxation day. and for still others it is a day remembrance. What counts the most is that each can reflect in their own ways on a chosen Sunday, and prepare for their next Monday! Sundays always have a more relaxed atmosphere for mostly everyone, and that is indeed a day of rest.

           That said, I see across America people begging for work and jobs, jobs dropping like flies because Uncle Sam kills the businesses that run them. They are over regulated, over fined, taxed too. Sadly not all Americans can be self employed, but the ones that can’t need these small companies to keep going, Uncle Sam needs to get off it’s dead ass and help the America Economy more.Congress needs the American people to kick their asses into gear!

      I have many pet peeves in life and the world, 1) I hate stupid people, 2) I hate liars and thieves 3) I hate two faced people. Then I have my other pet peeves that don’t count and one can live with. The bottom line is there are certain things one can live with and one can live without. And foe me those are mine to avoid and for others they may be different, but we all can still agree to disagree and get along, why can’t all in the world?

        I gave 16 years of my life in serving my Country, for it I received 6 herniated discs in my spine,PTSD and a Medical Discharge when I didn’t really want one. But in the end Uncle Sam has given me my Medical, Dental and Disability Payments each month to live on. I am lucky as a man in that way, for as a Disabled Veteran in America most respect us for what we did for our country. I hope all will respect all Veterans no matter what color, race, nationality. We all Served and deserve a Memorial Day Weekend. To those who Gave their lives and the survivors, you have the deepest respects of all Veterans who survived and The American People too I am sure!




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