The Unending Jodi Arias Trial!

  After watching the Jodi Arias Trial to it’s uneventful conclusion of no  Decision on the death penalty or life I wonder about the Justice System in America!  Jodi Arias brutally murdered Travis Alexander and now stands a greater chance of life in prison than death.  Whats sad about the whole case is, she stabbed Travis 29 times, slit his throat ear to ear and shot him in his face, and no reason is given for why, nor, is there any remorse on her part being shown. I have heard her say it was self-defense, well that has to be crap! How can a naked man in a shower, no clothes, no weapons except a wash cloth and a bar of soap and shampoo be attacking her. It’s bullshit, but she drove her own defense, but ended up convicted anyway. While personally, I do not believe in the Death Sentence for anyone, I do not believe in the old eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth sorry. The Alexander family should get with Juan Martinez and have him drop the death penalty and change it to life in prison, at least she will never get free again. Is as Steven and Samantha Alexander said, they tire of this and seeing her in a court room, bashing their brother, then to get Justice drop the death penalty and move on  and give her life in prison with no parole. At least she will never hurt an honest, hard-working, person again and never walk free. While this Life Sentence will not give the Alexanders the full justice they want and deserve, it will end their misery of seeing this woman again and again in a court of law and give them time to heal once more. To Juan Martinez who prosecuted Jodi Arias, you did a terrific job doing so. But, there comes a time when Arizona and the people of Arizona can not afford to keep retrying this woman. Secondly the cost is crazy, look at the numbers.  Thirdly, where will you find twelve more Jurors who know nothing of this case or the defendant, and be able to make a decision the will not be biased to her?  I don’t believe any in America can do that after the Television coverage and Media coverage this case got and Jodi got period. SO you should talk it over with your boss and the Alexander family and get her life with no parole!


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