Innocents, Welfare,Murderers and The Death Penalty

       Too many killed innocently in this world, the innocents are always the victims. Sadly America’s crime rates are getting worse each year and the population is getting denser too. The amount of children born to some parents are crazy in today’s world and economy. A family should be limited to one or two children per couple or marriage, because at the rate we humans multiply, we will use up the resources, the planet supplies, at a rate too fast for humankind to survive.

      I have a few problems with people on Welfare too. How can a family produce all these children then end up on Welfare and food stamps too and then drive Cadillacs and Sports cars around? Why is that possible? Why do Americans as a society, award people who have so many children by giving them Welfare and Financial Aid? I can’t Figure it out at all!

        Next, I hear complaints from many that jobs are not to be found, yet, Primerica a growing Financial Services Company that sells Insurance,Financial Programs to help families is looking for people all the time and growing by leaps and bounds.

         In the area I live in, Waterbury, Connecticut, we have a bigger problem then just people without jobs. The People we have without jobs are people whose families have been manufacturing people, No Factories, No jobs, so you end up with blue collar workers out of work and only retail or white collar jobs to be had. Shouldn’t someone set up a program to retrain the blue collar worker for white collar and retail jobs, before you bring in more retail stores?

      Why continue to grow the Retail Industry in an area where economic recovery and jobs are not to be found? Silly isn’t it?

       My final comments for today concern Justice and The American Way. The courts in 32 states have the death penalty as in Arizona. we have murderers  like Jodi Arias on trial and in that phase where life or death must be decided by a jury. Yet we are still barbaric enough to think of an eye for an eye as the solution to it all? Why? Has mankind and Americans not learned the to give a killer a death sentence is to just murder another person, making the States’s Government and the people of the state no better then the murderer they kill?




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