Oklahoma , Global Warming, Murderers, and Writing

      The Oklahoma Tornado tore through the small town there and destroys building, children and adults, making a town of sadness and hurt once more in America. I pray for the survivors and the dead and hope they recover somehow and send my condolences to those who lost relatives in it.

        I hope rescue efforts and help is on the way to them and Uncle Sam should kick in and help, not only with the clean-up, but with benefits and help for the families.

        That said, the world still carries on, with sadness yes but time will move forward.America has disavowed, Global Warming yet the evidence is everywhere in the world that you look. Someday, people of the world will destroy the planet we live on and exhaust the resources we have, then what?

       We pollute, we destroy, we strip and kill our planet just as sure as we have murderers in our numbers.  Sadly we can’t change the weather or global warming, nor can we control weather fronts or rain, or snow. Wish we could so we could prevent some of the disasters in the world we have to face and overcome.

        Next subject, murder in America, The current hot case is The Jodi Arias Case in Arizona. She murdered her boyfriend Travis Alexander, in cold blood and premeditated and now faces the Penalty Phase in her case, the choice must be made by the jury to recommend death or life for her. Is Jodi Arias worth saving, is there anything in her life, if she lives can she have any redeeming value, to save her life for?

       That said and done, because it will go down, in a court of law in Arizona today, Jodi Arias must speak if she plans to save her own life and show remorse and beg for mercy More than once her Attorneys have tried to back out of the case due to Jodi Arias not following their plan of attack, and not listening to them. But The Judge said no each time and i agree with the Judge, Jodi Arias may believe she is smart enough to save herself, but she isn’t. Nor should anyone in a criminal procedure in court be their own lawyer.

        Final word for today by me, I continue to attempt to write poems and stories and post them on Kindle E-books, hoping to be recognized, and sell a few. I may not be the greatest writer in the world but at least I am trying to create and be different and make some money.









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