Don’t Think the missing parent is missing on their own!

        Today’s subject may upset some people, and some children of people who were raised by second parents, like step-moms, or step-dads. But the subject must be discussed because I find the fact the some people think, because their original birth parent is not with them growing up that we forget them, don’t love them or like being replaced or that we left on our own free will, we didn’t. Parents leave their children behind for many different reason and if the parent is decent they will come back later and try to straighten out the feelings their children have of abandonment. We didn’t ask to be divorced, nor did we ask for the circumstances we had at the time, and not always are we responsible for leaving, we were forced out by the parent your living with, always remember that! Choice had to be made at the time of the leaving parents departure, like where would my kid or kids be better off, why would they be better off there and would  I or could i raise them on my own. For many fathers the truth is they won’t be able to handle raising a child on their own, they work too much and they can’t handle all of it alone. Even if most father’s won’t admit it it is true! 

        No father, or mother would voluntarily walk away from their child, unless they are on Alcohol or Drug Addicted, or Mentally Ill in some way.So the assumption by many children missing one parent or another, is the automatically to blame the missing parent. Wrong folks, it is more likely the parent you grew up with, the mother is the one that asked for the divorced and forced the father out for her own reasons. So reevaluate it and see the truth.





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