Disrespect, lack of Discipline in America?

      As I read the morning news and see it on television each day, I begin to wonder, why the American People who elected President Barrack Obama, don’t call him President or Mr. President that often? Is it his skin color, or doesn’t he act Presidential enough, or stand his ground enough, what is it! I get angry when I hear newscasters from CNN, CBS, ABC, HLN, Or NBC which are all the biggest stations and networks in America call him just Obama! Why is this, I would like an answer to it please, they speak about any former President and it is president immediately, but with this man they just want to call him Obama. Pure disrespect if you ask me, and sad that Americans let it happen every day on Television and in news print too.

       I find it upsetting that Ambassadors, Senator and even Congressmen and women get addressed by their titles all the time, but a President of The United States doesn’t on a constant basis and he has been duly elected not once but twice? What is happening in America?  Sadly, America is losing respect for itself not just it’s Presidents and that is what is wrong with this country, as we fall down the ladder of countries slowly over time, Respect, Honor, Loyalty, Trust, and the ability to use manners, ethics and morals are disappearing from our society we need to bring it all back. Sadly, if it continues as it is, America will fall like all the great Civilizations before us in the world, They all fell from grace and power due to the crumbling pieces I mentioned above and greed. So, America wake up, fix it and lets stay on the top!.


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