Friday, Lacking Items in 2013 America!

       Friday has arrived in America, it’s a night when most get off work and have free time  by Saturday for two days at least. Amazingly, what we choose to do with the two days off from work we have is amazing to me, people do some strange things and others do normal things. The American perspective on free time, run from exercise, to riding, bike, powered and non and so much more. Sports, Movies, meals, shopping, clubbing, concerts, amazingly America has it all. What isn’t amazing is the fact not everyone can afford these things. Movies are now 8 dollars a shot, shopping everything is rising in prices, gasoline prices are high and not dropping soon it seems. SO what are Americans to do for pleasure when it takes them half of what they can save in a week to have fun on the weekend? The answer for many is what costs less, rent a movie, a game, read a book, go on the internet and chat or play or search for items of interests. The thing is America can not afford to pay for High School Sports anymore, and the school systems are going broke too. America is becoming a nation of people whose interests are not as varied as they used to be, the question is why?

         I can’t explain the many changes in American society and culture I have lived through in my life alone. This country is continuously changing in nature  in interpersonal relationships, In work ethics, morals and more. It amazes me how few people have any morals, ethics or manners  in America these days. Ever notice few men open doors for their women, few men pull a chair back for women, few know to say God Bless You when someone sneezes. The basic manners and morals and ethics of the generations before us, are disappearing in American Society and culture why? Is it the schools faults due to budget cuts, or is it in fact the fault of the parents who raise our children these days? In the 1960’s if a child talked back to a parent, stole something or swore, they paid a price, a bar of soap in their mouth, a smack upside the head, a spanking, or at the very least being grounded and their toys and games taken away. Not today, Today parents put the video game consoles, and tvs and radios and cell phones in a kids room. Sadly no real punishment is being applied to a child in this way and they laugh it off! Sad isn’t it?

        The days of a disciplined child who knows right from wrong seems gone in America, and as long as parents, teachers and adults in general don’t teach children respect, manners, ethics, morals, the American Child will keep growing unruly, depressed, sad, unhappy and out of control. If it worked in American Society for so many generations to teach our children moral, ethics, manners and honesty and truth it should work today too. Racism has no place in America, hatred has no place here either, we are a nation now under attack by other nations who wish to destroy us and kill our people we need discipline for our children, we need education for our children, we need to provide them with Social Security, Medicare and the Benefits we had as we grew older too. Someone has to tell congress and America, wake up, do what is right protect Social Security, protect Medicare, Medicaid, The Postal Service, jobs and Education for our future Generations, tell Congress and The Senate and The President the Country needs all of-these things and Government that works not bickers and fights constantly! Make the Government do their jobs they were voted in  to do! Contact your Senator, Your Congressman or woman and tell theme enough!



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