Welcome to the middle of

      Welcome to the middle of May 2013, a month where the temperatures have been colder then normal but the news has been hot and mean. Syria is killing it’s own, Afghanistan is killing Americans, Benghazi is killing Americans, and in the end we are killing each other too. Mass Murders, killings, trials, all across the country, and a legal system that can barely handle anything!. What is next in America?

        We have basically destroyed the world we were born into and which sustains our lives. We pollute it and strip it of it’s resources, from water to gold and silver and trees and more. We pollute the air we ourselves breathe and we call ourselves human beings?

         Humanity and the American Society are both in severe trouble these days. Humanity is on the brink of destroying itself due to it’s own stupidity  by killing the atmosphere and planet we live on we are killing ourselves, faster then any disease, guns or drugs can do. Why?

          Here is a thing to think about folks, back in the early 1900’s America experienced The Depression, we had no money, struggled to eat and find work and finally found our way out it over time. Today we are suffering in other ways, the staples of the America Economy and lifestyle are dying off or being depleted and no one is noticing are they? I tell ya the past great civilizations did the same things to themselves. The Mayas, The Aztecs. The Romans, and more all depleted resources, had riots and destruction and died off, are we America the next most advanced and strongest society and Civilization to self destruct? can we prevent it and if so how?




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