Differences in Society, that need changing back!

       As I age I notice many differences in America that were not here before. The years have passed since I can remember a friendly America, where we all helped one another. What happened to those days? Does anyone remember when a child got hurt, a neighbor would help, or when someone got a flat tire on the road people would stop and help you? 

        How about when children of all colors and races ran together and played together in the backyard of a project or town or home and no one tried to kill each other? When color didn’t matter or nationality didn’t matter because you were too young to know the difference and no one shoved the idea of differences into your head?

      Each Day, I see it on the news, the whites attack the blacks, the blacks attack the white and Hispanics  and the Hispanics attack both whites and blacks and retaliation comes into play in big shootouts or murders. Why? What happened to the society of America, where it was all for one and one for all? It still exists once we all grow up and join the military as adults, but then disappears once we get discharged. Why? We all live on the same  on the continent and in the same damn country, yet we allow outside influences to change what we are, and to cause division among Americans! Stop it Please and wake up, a child is a child whether white, black, Hispanic  oriental or any other nationality or color. Who cares, a child needs to live to make  the world better and to continue mankind.  We basically are so ignorant at time we forget no matter what nationality, color, ethic background, we all bleed red! Anger needs to be removed from American Society so we can live in peace and ensure safety for all.

       We also need to get to a point where we remember to care for our Disabled,  our Veterans, our elders too. If they are elderly they earned respect don’t forget it, if they served their country don’t forget them or let them suffer and if they are disabled no matter whom they need help and respect also. This country owes so much to the people who came before you, that you tend to forget, they set the basis for what is next, and they thought of you first not themselves.

         In closing, as i look back in time i think of my youthful days, in the 1960s, when it was indeed a we society, not the me society it is today. There was respect for each other back then, there was an atmosphere of trust among neighbors and friends and people mingled and talked to one another and communication saved this country. We need to find that society once more.




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