Problems in America. Lay in Washington

      The We society of the 1960s, and 70’s turned in the 1980’s into the me Society of now! Sadly, people have become the me society, of me, mine, my way, and the hell with what others want!  It used to be different and trust, caring and helping used to be in America. Let me give you an example of what I speaking; You drive down the road today and see people with a car broken down or a flat tire and what does everyone do today, they fly right by and never once stop to help the person. In the 1960’s one would pull up next and ask if they need help, today they will run ya over instead of help you.

It is also a world of having more than your neighbor or relative and bragging too. Sadly the world has become a everyone for themselves world. We ignore pain, suffering and hurt to normal average human beings and make big deals out of murderers and thieves and more, why? Why do we plaster O.J. Simpson on TV, Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, and other mass murderers on the screen of everyone’s TV? Must we give them their moments of glory and fame at the cost of the victims?

We study and report wars overseas and pour billions, sometimes zillions of dollars into protecting, policing and helping nations whose people hate us, what a waste of money, time and effort. I have seen too many politicians in my lifetime, promise the world to Americans and then back off due to political pressure, or not putting an effort into a solution for a problem.  Gitmo, Cuba is one such problem, a jail compound filled with terrorist living free off the Americans money, they hate and try to kill. Not a one of them has been tried in  military court or a civilian court and convicted, why?  All of them should have been tried convicted and executed long ago, and not be a money munch er in our economy cause we babysit them. We can’t afford it anymore, shut Gitmo, Cuba down, even if our Navy uses it as a Training Facility, move the training elsewhere!

Next Problem the solvency of Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare!. What the hell is wrong with the picture of these institutions failing and running out of money? The Postal Service also is running out of funding too, right? Where are the funds going that hard-working Americans have been paying into for decades and over a century? Someone tell me why Uncle Sam can divert funds that don’t belong to them to other projects without Americans permission this way. Americans have paid into Social Security for all their working lives, now Uncle Sam say, oh we are running out of funding for it, so we may have to cut back, bullshit. American rely on those payments, just as Disability Payments for Veterans are vital. Congress is full of shit when they say they can’t fund these plans and payments, if we did it for prior generations, if we did it for the former Veterans, the Disabled up to now and had Medicare and Medicaid working just fine we can do it again damn it. Stop bullshitting us, Congress, get off your asses and go to work!


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