Time Comes When one must

       Time Comes When one must stop, talking of Politics! For me that time is now, I can’t change what the politicians of America do each day, or don’t do each day, and my complaining never seems to help. Sadly, America’s political system is broken and  in sad shape as it plays it’s political games and by partisan ways, nothing helps the hurting and needy in America!

       I can’t change the above but I can try to help the needy in my own way, with my stories, poems and tales. Hopefully once i start posting them here, for others to read on subjects of child abuse, Emotional problem children and the difference between emotionally unstable and attention deficit disorder with hyper-activity,  people will want to hear these stories and listen carefully to prevent further damage to their own children. At some point Parents have to realize the birth of a child to each and everyone of them both male and female is a gift from God that is being entrusted to them to make the world a better place with, not a war zone to raise children in. We are fools in many ways in this world, one is we destroy our own children without realizing it, and we destroy the planet and it’s eco-systems too. Sadly, humankind does not wake up long enough to sense the destruction and pain it dishes out, to children and the planet too. Wake up folks before it is far too late!



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