Why Can’t Congress Co-operate!

              May 2013 is here, we have been through the first four years of Obama’s Administration and are now into term two. He has tried to get Congress to respond to requests for help with Obama Care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and more. At each request the leader of Congress and the Republicans stale mate him and hios ideas. Sadly America can not afford to keep this up the way it is going. We have lost our greatest credit rating, we have lost some medical coverage and made sacrifices as a population of the greatest nation on earth. Isn’t it time for Congress to make sacrifices and to step up and help solve problems instead of block aiding them! We need action in Washington, Dc on both sides!

       Why must the American People hurt, and not get what is needed for their survival and the needs of our children and elderly  Do we not owe our children the better for the future, and care for our elderly also as they grow old and die?


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