My Opinion of Election 2012

      I am now 56 years old this year going on 57 early next. I was born when Eisenhower was President, and realized who Kennedy was at my youngest political insights and views. I have been through each and every President since, including the current one and seen all the opposing candidates too, never once did I ever hear a candidate for President, group 47 percent of the people voting as poor. entitlement dependent weak people. Nor did I ever hear a candidate talk down any race, color, nationality until now!. I am a little pissed off and angry that a political party in the United States of America would put forth a candidate like this as their person as their nominees for the Greatest and most Powerful Position in the World. Sad is all I can say to the Republicans! But to me, even sadder would be the fact that Americans may vote this man into office and screw themselves in the end. I pray we won’t people, if you wake up!

LIke many mealy-mouthed,political savvy people in the world who will say anything to get what they want, Romney will too. How can you belive a man who made comments about that many people and than said, oh that’s not what I meant! Oh he meant it women and Gentlemen and he will do as he said, he will end entitlements for seniors, disabled, unemployed and more if he gets in and he will lower taxes on the rich and take away healthcare reform. So, I say you better know America what your voting for. What is really at stake here; 1) Social Security will go bye-bye 2) Medicare and Medicaid will become voucher programs and you will have to shop for Doctors and medical help in a competitive market again, will very little chance of getting help.3) ObamaCare wil be replaced by some program Romney thought up and thinks is better and it will only get worse! 4) The U.S. Postal Service will go under and disappear and the whole world will need to buy computers to get mail!. 5)Taxes will rise on people who make under 250 grand a year and the full burden will shift to the middle class and lower class people who hurt already, while those above that level will get bigger tax breaks than before. Sad huh?

Romney upset everyone in Europe with his attitudes, his stumbles, and his mouth, he angered many. Than came home to run here and still he opens his mouth and screws up. He bad mouths lower class and middle americans, he puts down Latinos for what? Americans listen up this man has no ideas how to run America, nor does he have one policy, plan for jobs, the economy or anything else!. He is winging it as a candidate and changes his mind constantly and doesn’t care about the average American, what he cares about is paying less taxes himself, getting richer himself and the prestige and power of the Presidency is just an award, prize he is working to win, to better his name and make it into history, not to help the people, but himself.


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