Anti-American Uprisings!

       Across the Middle east and the world, anti-american uprisings and attacks against the American People and their Embassies continue. Why? What did America do to these people from Egypt,Sundan,Afganistan,Libya or any other country involved in these uprisings and violence? Nothing, one man made a movie about a religious person and wham half the world wants to destroy us and themselves because of it? Sad isn’t it when mankind will destroy itself over a religious book written over centuries and edited many times over, like all BIbles and Religious Books. Yes we all have our own Gods we believe in and we all worship in our own ways, but come on now people wake up, this is the world and humanity you are destroying for foolish reasons. Americans have a right to make movies on their own, they have the rightt o free speecha nd the right to agree to disagree period, it is a movie with actors in it is all, not reality. So because you don’t like how your God is portrayed in the movie and we as Americans agree with you, but we are not all responisible for what one man produced for a film. or said on his own!

         Egypt, Afganistan, Sudan, Iraq, Iran and more all up in arms over a movie that means nothing to anone including them, except they consider it an insult to their beliefs? Yet they come to America asking for help financialoly, militarily and more and expect us to give it to them radily once they calm down? I doubt it now!

          I was raised by a muslum Step-Father, who was Albanian, and prayed daily. He read his Koran and believed what he believe in, yet never forced his religion or beliefs upon his children, or anyone around him. He lived in peace raised a family of five, two of which weresome other man’s children and never harmed a soul. As he once said to me, you may insult anything you wish, I don’t have to beat on you or kill you to make my point, I just have to believe for myself in what I believe in period. Destruction, killing, fires and wars are not the way to promote your beliefs. or religion across the world, it will turn more away from you then toward you.

         Muslims where in your Koran does it say, carry your Holy War on against innocents? I don’t see it in there, it says fight the infidals, well innocent people are not them, are they? Your wasting energy, anger and effort killing innocent men and women, because one man wrote a movie you don’t like and made it?  What kind of an intelligent human being would do such things and not think before they act and know, this is not the Western World’s beliefs in the movie, but one sorry man’s vision and thoughts?

         American’s did not come into your countries and kill your people because we wanted to, nor did we care to, your people asked for our help to give you freedoms you never had. I suppose in the end this is the kind of thanks we can expect from the MUslim World and countries we tried to help. Afganistan does nothing to stop it’s people from killing Americans there to help train them to polic etheir own country, yet they expect us to continue right, wrong! We must stop assisting thes enations this way now. LIbya we went in and help you dispose of your mad man leader , yet now you attack us because one man made a movie we never knew about and you don’t like! Sad indeed when you let your tempers overcome your reason and go fantic ove rbullshit, isn’t it?

        The history of the American people and The UNited States as a country is one of a leader, peaceful and diplomatic helping to build other countries and defend and protect people’s rights no matter whatc ountry you are in. We expend our people, our military might and economic worth to help and in return we get killed and damaged and blamed for stuff we knew nothing about! Americans have the right to freedom of speech, the right to saya nd do as they please because American’s wante dit this way, not because we didn’t strive for it. It is not a whole countries fault that one of millions of human beings made a movie, wake the hell up and calm down.

      Religious Zealots, have destroyed themselves, their religions and their people many times through the worlds history. I say this to The MUslim Nations and Religion, but releasing your anger your killing and your sense to do what you are doing now to the world, will not increase the spread of your religion it will not change people’s minds about Mhhammad, the KOran or the way you worship or gathe ryou more members. IT will drive many from your KOran, from MOhammad and from your religious beliefs And in the end it will make you many more enemies then friends in the world isolating you from human kind, humanity and society. Wake up and put your anger away, no movie from one man is goingto change your religious beliefs or the way you wordhip and live your lives and no one is tryingto, least of all the AMerican People!



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