My American Thoughts!!!!!!

      America, America, God shed it’s light on thee, and crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shinning sea! Remember those lyrics and that song folks? It is embedded and sung to us everyday by many across our great nation, but how many understand it’s meaning, and what it should be for all of us? Stop and think when you hear our Star Spangled Banner, or our national songs, and think of those before you, who gave their lives and well-beings to keep us in the land of the Free!

America is built on a foundation of brotherhood, caring, and on the belief all have the same rights, to worship as they please, to speak their mind, to buy what they need and to live in peace as long as you don’t commit crimes. And it is the way the Founding Fathers wanted it to be, yet at times we as Americans of all nationalities and colors and races, try to battle each other to see who is superior. That my friends is just foolish pride, for in the end, we are all Americans and we should all be proud to be so, and get along. I care not what color your skin, nor where your ancestors came from, but I do care that you are here and have a pride in being here and will defend this country if called upon! Americans will fight if we have to and like Toby Keith the singer of country music said, We will put a boot in their ass, it’s the American Way! But we fight when provoked, or to protect what is ours or our allies, and only when needed. Americans do not start wars, but we are often called upon to end them, aren’t we? Amazing how when a nation, like Libya is in trouble, or Israel, or Afghanistan, Japan, Germany even England the Land of the Queen gets in trouble it is time to call the Americans and ask for help, but if we Americans ask for help many run the opposite way, why is that? Do we ever stop to think if we as Americans were on the brink of War or Attacked who will come to our aid, no we rush fool hardily out and help others who don’t give a damn if we survive or not! Sad isn’t it Americans, but in the end we strive so hard to be the world’s best at everything, that in the end we fail to realize we are leading and should not be!

I have now seen nations we helped in the past, thumb their noses at us and walk away when we request help. I have seen nations now, that we have rushed in to save with our military might and strength, turn on us and kill Americans for no good reasons. Why? Why would a country we helped to get rid of their Dictator in, turn on the ones that helped get rid of them? Simply put, no nation wants to be obliged to another for saving them, it costs too much politically and socially, doesn’t it? Well, Americans we need to stop spending our military might, our personnel and our money to help other nations who care not for us, or what we do!

The time has come for America to pull back from helping so many and help ourselves. We need to withdraw from Iraq, Egypt,Afghanistan,and Libya and bring all our resources home. We need to save the four billion a year we use to help these countries, and pour it back into our country to help ourselves. Do you hear any other nation saying America’s job markets suck, their economy sucks lets help them? Nope, they just want more out of us without giving anything back! Sad isn’t it, that we are still so prideful and so stupid at the same time to think, we have to help these nations, when in fact not a one of them would lift a finger if we went under or came close it, would they?

A point to be made here is simple, the last country that lent America a large hand, did so before we even became official Americans, France. They sent military help and financial help during our Revolutionary War. They helped us become a nation, and put themselves on the brink of destruction to do so, facing a financial collapse and a revolution of their due to it!. But, no other nation since has stepped up and said lets help Uncle Sam have they and if they have who are they can you tell me anyone?

I know the world expects America to lead in Military Might, Economically and to have Leadership position in everything, but,we can’t continue to lead and keep ourselves afloat forever, even the Great American Republic that we are, will run out of resources, and open itself to attacks by others, if we don’t take care of our own now!  It is time for Americans and their Government to reexamine our positions and conditions for our nation. We can not continue to give, give, give and get nothing in return that is worth while. We can not keep assisting other nations to build their own governments and countries if they will attack us for doing so and kill Americans for the fun of it or for religious reasons, it matters not, except they are attacking the hand that is feeding them!. It is time like Rand Paul said, to cut off the assistance and money flow to these nations, like Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and others, who take our assistance then use it for their private gains or against us. We are being foolish to sit here and finance attacks against ourselves this way!

Now, in ending my blog today and my rant about this, I want to mention the coming Presidential Election come November 6th, 2012. Before Americans rush to the polls and vote, stop and think on what is the most important issues to you and America as a whole! We need 1) strong and skilled leadership 2) A Person with a strong economic plan and one that won’t tear down America’s military might.3) We need Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security repaired and carried on. 4) We need economic expansion thru innovation and invention and education. 5) We need Health Care Reform left alone for the Elderly, Disabled and injured in America and that assistance is needed by millions upon millions. The broad picture we face, and the way we need to go forward is clear Americans, we need a leadership of a good president, like Obama is, and to elect a Democratic Congress to help him for four years. We need Democratic Senators and Representatives in Washington on the same page, so this country can get out of the log jam in Washington and move forward to improve itself and all we have, not tear it down and destroy it or block progress! Vote Democratic Folks, give President Obama four more years in Office and a chance to finish what he started, and give him people to back and assist him!



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