A Disabled American Veteran’s Opinion!

        September 11th 2001 will always be in American History a day of disaster and destruction rained down upon the American people by madmen and terrorist. And we all mourn that day each year that goes by and hope and pray and work as Americans to try to make sure it never happens again. Our Government adds security organizations and personel to protext us at every entry and exit poit to America. Yet, we still get hit on the day we were first hit, by these people. Sadly, as we all know America is doing it’s best to represent, honor the fallen and to work hard to stop these attacks in everyway, but, in the end we have exteremist people and organizations out in the world that will stop at nothing to get to us and our people and country!.

      The recent attacks still happening in Cairo, Egypt, and Libya, show that no matter where, no matter how and no matter what we do, we shall continue to be targets for these people. We must draw back  now and stop being so bold with our will and power and start to help ourselves not others, or continue to be bombarded by these attacks losing more good American Citizens and Ambassadors. America must now protect itself and stop thinking about policing other nations, let these nations go America, let them fight among themselves to determine who shall rule their land, what form of government they will have and which way they will go from here,we are losing too many good men and women and taking the damage on our shoulders for what? So these countries that are doing this can be ungrateful and kill our people?.

         Across the world people in Egypt,Libya, Afganistan, and Iran, Iraq, and more do not appreciate our presence in their countries. It is apparent too, for not a one of them showed support when our people were killed on their land, trying to help them. There were no statements condemning the attacks from any of the people we tried to help and still try to help today. Not one of their leaders said we condemn these attacks, we feel sorry they happened and we will get the people who did them. Not a peep out of Cairo, or LIbya, or any assistance from Afganistan or Iraq. None will lift a finger to protect american citizens on their lands, yet we police their nations and teach them to police themselves and defend themselves, so late rthey can use this knowledge against us? Come on now wake up, we must pull back now and protect our own, our borders, our people, our rights, and our country.

          As all of us who are Americans know, we have long strived to be the fair and honest and helpfull nation with the military might and skills and the leaders in the world. While we shall always operate from the leadership position and set the way, we can not afford to police other nations anymore. We need to pull our people from Afganistan, Libya,Iraq and any other country where our troops sit policing and protecting others. Bring them home, let the world destroy themselves like the barbarians they wish to be. We do not need to sacrifice our people, for thise, or to be bad mouthed and abused either.

        Next subject is the United States Presidential Election and nOvember 6th, 2012!. The candidates are primed and running of course, in both President Obama and Govenor Romney. But which is best is the real question? Well in my opinion and Many will say, who am I to give one, but, we as Americans all have a right to our own opinions and to voicing them, I believe President Obama has to be America’s choice once more. He makes sense, he worked to carry us honorably in the world, he is working to rebuild the economy and to make jobs, he brought us HealthCare, and he will work to save Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and more. We can’t losing what entilements we now have, for a voucher program will mean trying to find help on your own again and losing out on the care provided cause you can’t afford it. We need experienced leadership that Obama now brings and we need a direction to go, that will improve what we have not destroy it all and rebuild over!.



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