Last Night !!!!!!!!

      Last night, a Former President who led America through good times, with a budget in the black, came to the DNC and spoke about the current President and the job he is doing and why he should be reelected. What a speech is all I can say to President William J, Clinton. He spoke to each issue the Republicans have thrown at the current President Obama, and knocked them out of the ball park with truth and numbers and honesty. No one could have expected what Bill Clinton did or how he did it, but he is still one of the most fabulous speakers in political history.

As he  said himself and many will agree, President Barrack Obama, has done all he can so far to dig us out of the economic mess his predecessor George W. Bush put us in. And if you noticed there was no big verbal attack on George W. Bush or his father, but they was one glaring truth!  President Bill Clinton left office with the country in the black for the first time in decades, and 8 years after he left, this country was in the red again under the Republicans, why? How do you expect one man, with no support from the Republicans at all, to dig a country out of trillions of dollars of debt the prior put us into, in half the time? It doesn’t happen folks, you can’t dig a hole for 8 long years, constantly going deeper each minute, hour and day, than ask one President to get us out of the hole, in half the damn time, it can’t be done and won’t be done no matter who the President may be!

What we saw last night was a stellar performance and speech by the grandfather of the Democratic Party today, a man who still even years later can speak to the American People and touch us with facts and ideas and more.!

Tonight September 6th, 2012, at the Democratic National Convention, President Barrack Obama and his running mate and Vice President Joe Biden will accept their nominations for a second term in office!. As they do America I give you one thing to thing about as did former President Clinton last night; Do you want hope, do you want freedom, do you want less debt,more education, more social interaction with your government? Do you want Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, the Postal Service and more jobs for your children and their children next? Then Vote Barrack Obama back into office, give him four more years and make the right choice for America!



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