Dreams for America and Humankind

Dreams we all have for we are humans first and in America we are Americans second. We dream of the freedoms, people like Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Carter and Regan and Clinton and Obama dream of. Dreams of a United States, filled with jobs, equality, hope, caring and sharing, and as Martin Luther King Jr. said where all men are indeed created equal no matter what color, race or nationality. Where people help one another and where we are not a me generation anymore but a we, generation fighting for the rights, the needs, and the peace of all Americans and human beings!

The dreams many of Americans have dreamt are of a peace-loving nation where all are treated equally, where all can work, live in faith and choice of religion, and have their fair share we all should have!. This nation was not built on a platform of have and have-nots, it was built on a platform of We, The People!

Dreams of each and every American, no matter what race, nationality, religion, color or anything else, all have the rights given to us by our ancestors. And no they weren’t always right in all they did and built, but they proceeded to create the greatest Republic in the history of the world. Where else can a man or woman, or child have the same opportunities as each other, have the same rights as each other and live in one melting pot, in peace and survive and prosper as we have as Americans?

As The Republican and Democratic Conventions are both coming to an end, we the people have a responsibility to choose the right man for the Presidency again. We also must choose his back up in a Vice President too. Team sports is how our country is run, if one goes down his back-up must be just as good. We need strength, we need understanding, we need honesty, we need truth, we need caring and most of all, we need leadership that can stand tall and defend us, and make America move ahead, not backwards or down a slope to oblivion.

Dreams my fellow Americans are not just for day-dreamers, they are for leaders, they are for people who care, they are for all to share!. We dream because we are human and we dream because we were built with hope, determination and skills to survive. We dream for the generations that will follow us and need our protection and knowledge and skills to survive and much more. We must give our next generations of Americans the protection, the skills, the education, the determination and the abilities to survive and prosper in a changing world that will try to knock America down and destroy us all. America shall and will survive, it will prosper, it will still have it’s melting pot of people and different ideas, it will crawl out of any monetary or financial hole we have been tossed into. We always have for the past 200 and some odd years, haven’t we?

As you dream, I dream and we all dream of a country and world of peace, prosperity, love and hope, and health, we should also look around and one day look down, at the ground we walk upon. Below each of us embedded in the earth and busy as each of us are, are the ants below us crawling, scurrying, and working to build their own world and homes like we are above them. In the end we are just the next level up from these insects, we scurry building homes, feeding one another, storing for future events and trying to steer clear of problems and trouble too. Like the ants below our feet, we step on every day and who have their own purpose on this planet, just like any other living creature, including us,, we fight to survive, to build and to take care of our own. It’s the drive to stay alive and have more that makes us human and who we are as people. Each of us, love our families, our siblings, and our country!. Let all make the dream of equality, jobs, a working economy, healthcare, and benefits for all, our priority, not for us, not for our personal gain folks, but for the future generations of Americans, our children, our grandchildren and so this Republic will remain the Greatest in the history of the world and all time! The dream will survive, it will remain, it will enable and it will come true!


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