A New Beggining is Needed, But:

       A new look, a new beginning, a new world, and a need for the same leader! Americans, listen please, for what I am about to say makes sense! Barrack Obama our President was elected in 2008 for a reason, he showed us energy,hope,truth,honesty, a fighting spirit and most of all caring for the people of America. It doesn’t matter to him if you are white,black, hispanic,mexican,portuguese, or any other nationality, you are American and deserve a future and the rights of all under the American Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. I am saying this because in order to move the country back to greatness, the job market back to health and keep healthcare in place as well, as keep Veterans and disabled persons going this man is needed.

Barrack Obama, as our President achieved many things in office as was testified to at the Democratic National Convention last night. He has handled himself with pride, dedication and honor in office, he stands for what we believe in, not what others want all the time. He is not here to play wishy-washy games and change his mind every five minutes like Romney. He is here to make decisions and then live by them and see them through to fruition. He won’t run and hide and we all know that today and for future events too. His hand held the tiller straight, his hand guided us to HealthCare, The capture and defeat of Osama Bin Laden, and many more important issues, He saved the Automotive Industry and the Banking Industry, when all said it could not or should not be done.

If you want a person in office, who will save Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and HealthCare for all, a person who wants to create more jobs, educate more people,save The Postal Service and more, we need President Barrack Obama, more so now than before.

To the doubters and non-believers out there in America, let me close with one clear, true and honest message about Government, Families, Americans, and facts. Listen closely folks please:

No President can fill in a hole 8 years deep and complete the job in half the time it took to dig it! No One can, and no one will especially if opposed for all the four years he is in office trying to correct it! If you want to blame someone for the mess not being fixed properly, blame the Republicans, they wouldn’t and still won’t work with the Democrats and the President to fix it all.! Tell the Republicans come November 6th, to go home, get out-of-the-way and let progress take place, to work with the President in a bi-partisan way, or get out of office! Vote Democratic folks or we go under!


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