Vote Democratic, Here is Why!

     September 4th, 2012, The election cycle in America begins in full swing and will end on November 6th when American‘s pick the next President. Sadly our choices are not the best in my opinion, I wish we had Hillary Clinton again, but life goes on. We have the choice of staying the course set by President Obama or going back to unbelievable Republican ways. If we are smart we will stay the course and give President Obama his four more years to straighten out Bush’s 8 year hole he put us in! Besides you can’t dig a hole for 8 years, using big machines and then ask one man to fill it back in four can you?

Whats at stake here Ladies and Gentlemen are the following issues; 1) Jobs and the economy as a whole. 2) Social  Security and Medicare.4) The U.S. Postal Service and more jobs and 5)Taxes on the middle class and poor vs taxing the rich and able to pay! Face the facts America, the Republicans want to tax the middle class and poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich. Sadly, we can not allow it now, we have come too far to go backwards now. 6) Healthcare Reform or as the Republican’s call it Obama Care!. If it is removed will cost many seniors, elderly and disabled individuals more and in the end leave them uninsured and hurting with large medical bills and costs. Wake up folks,do you want your mom, dad, child, grandchild, not to be able to get cared for because of pre-existing illnesses or disabilities. or do you want them paying hundreds or thousands more a year for prescriptions, just so the Republicans can say we beat Obama. I doubt it folks, it is our parents, our spouses, our families and grandkids and more who need this healthcare reform as it is, tell the Republicans to leave it be! This Election in 2012 will determine not only the near future of America but the far-flung future also, when we as individuals will not be here to see it. Are we going to be the first generation of Americans to leave the country worse off to our grandkids and future generations? Are they going to look back at us in a few decades or a century and go, those bastards left us all messed up and deep in debt and we couldn’t get out! Lets not do this to our future Generations, stay clear of the Republicans at the polls, and vote Democratic, and maybe one day (2016) I hope, America will elect its first Female President in Hillary Clinton and she will do what she intended in 2008, and make us stronger and more secure. But for now, we need President Obama, we need, Healthcare and Medicaid, and medicare, we need Social Security to be refunded and taken care of, we need jobs, and the economy turned around and we need President Obama to lead us to our next level of a decent economy and to stop us from dropping into a third world nation with no promise!. Vote Democratic and make America Great once more!


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