Issaac/ Election/ Facts

      As Isaac slams the Gulf Coast, and the storm surge is coming at the people there, I wonder what Mother Nature intends for the area! The Gulf States have survived many hurricanes and storms over the years and decades and more, but, what can be done to change the suffering and damages? The damages from these weather conditions, kill, destroy and cost America and their states, cities and people billions over time. So why would people continue to live in the way of such weather, what makes the citizens want to stay there is beyond me. I just hope as Isaac continues and starts to wind down later today, the survivors there, with damages will come to their senses and finally leave the area, no levees are big enough to stop Mother Nature folks!

Next, The Election which will continue no matter what happens elsewhere. As The Republican Convention rages on now with Romney and Ryan both nominated and now the candidates of their party, they will speak. I don’t want to hear anything except, plans to increase the economy, jobs and help elderly and future generations. Will they find a way, do they have a way to create jobs, put Americans back to work, and turn around the economy in America? Will they save Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, The US Postal Service, and keep HealthCare for all? If not I wouldn’t vote for them!  We can’t afford tax breaks for the rich, we can’t afford to baby those already rich at the expense of the lower, and middle class!  You want to raise taxes, tax the hell out of the millionaires, the billionaires and more! Please leave the poor and middle class alone. Don’t repeal ObamaCare as  it is now called, people need it, they need medical help, prescriptions and more and you will kill off the elderly and raise their costs of living!

My last message today Americans to all of you, who may read this is simple! America has risen to the top civilization and society in the world on the backs of the lower and middle class not the rich. We were handed, the current generation, a country with some problems but always improved by previous generations for us! Can we and do we want to give our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren a nation on the down slide and ending in ruin? Like previous civilizations that rose to the top in the world and ultimately destroyed themselves, America is now on that same brink now. We need to back off, find what will save us and make it work for the future generations, not continue to drive us deeper in debt!. Wake up folks, you can’t keep borrowing, you have to cut back, remove the unnecessary and lower costs. We can’t run our homes and families that way, and now we can not run America that way either.!



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