Your Choice 2012-America!

      As Issac bears down on the Gulf Coast and Republicans gather in Tampa, Florida, my thoughts gather as to the meaning of the current election cycle and what the weather means to the citizens faced with it. The biggest danger women and gents is not the weather that will disappear and the damage we can rebuild from, but the election if Romney and Ryan win, we will not recover from.

As Issac builds to hurricane strengths and threatens to wash away and blow away homes and property, the Republicans plan to blow away HealthCare,Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and do nothing about The U.S. Postal Service which is going under next. There is no concrete plans to save any of the above by the Republicans, and we all know it, The one message they did get out is if they are elected the rich will pay less in taxes and the middle and lower class more. Sounds to me like the same old Republican bullshit, make themselves richer at the poor and middle classes expense. Why is that folks and why do we allow it at all? I wonder are we blinded by the lights and cameras of an election, are we not listening or paying attention to the real issues?  Which is it Americans? You tell me please? I tire of talking about what can happen and what did happen for  eight long years under George W. Bush, now we are paying the price for the fools who voted him in for a second term. His policies, plans and lack of control and more, left us in two war zones, left us with a lot fewer jobs, left us in a trade deficit, and took us from the black side of the ledger to so far in the red no President could get us out in four years or if you care one term! Lets face the facts here, groceries are up, clothing is rising, oil prices are flying high, we are overseas getting our weapons, and people killed policing other nations for what? China rules the economic world they keep producing more to export than to import so no big thought there huh!

We face a decision Americans between going backwards to the same fiscal and economic policies of the Bush years and trickle down economics as we had before or a new way to go by sticking with the President we have. Just like when your budgets at home and in your houses get out of control cuts must be made here too. But the cuts must be realistic not crazy and, they need to be in places where we need less not more. Stop and think Americans, is it all worth it, if the day after you each die and our generation is gone, that our children and grandchildren and generations to come will be paying our bills for their lifetimes? Are we going to be the first and foremost generation that screwed our own offsprings, because we are stupid, ignorant and dumb period? The generations before us, left us with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, disability Insurance,The U.S. POstal Service, Jobs and a way to stay in the black, isn’t it time we woke up and ensured at least the same for the generations we are leaving behind?

As we look back in American History good men and women gave their lives, careers and health and more to keep America safe and healthy and better off than others. Are we  going to be the first generation that says the hell with them, they are on their own, We want to only take care of us?

America has changed between the 1950’s, 60s,70s,80s, 90s and now in the new century. We were at the earlier time a nation that ran on the we face the world view. We had the spirit of we, we, we, not the me, me, me we now see today!. Used to be you drove down a street, and saw someone with a flat stuck, you stopped and helped them, now if your stuck, everyone goes by and almost runs you over! There is no we anymore is there Americans, nope, now it is all me, I want, I need, I must have and so on, listen to todays kids and younger generations, they don’t read books,they don’t play outside and explore anymore, they don’t play with friends, their friends are on the internet, through X-Box,Playstation3, Nintendo, Computers and more. They hide in darkened rooms with doors closed staring at screens with video images and games playing and scream when they lose the game!. Yet we all wonder, where did we go wrong right, we gave our children everything right? Well, we haven’t Americans, we have made them, lazy, addicted to video games, and not educated them correctly. They have become lackadaisical, fat, under educated and who is to blame, we are as the adults and leaders of the country, that is who is to blame!

Sadly, America I believe we are now facing the same declines and destruction of our society that many other great societies before us did too, and we are allowing it to crumble in same ways too. The Aztecs, Mayans,Indians, Romans, all grew to great societies and civilizations, only to decline when either over taken, or becoming lazy and sloppy. We Americans are now on the same edge of the cliff, they faced and we can either spiral down and disappear, or face the facts and start working together, start educating our children, disciplining them, and leaving them what they need to make America better and stronger, not weaker and meeker. Lets wake up folks, it’s a crying shame how America is slowly falling down the economic ladder, the educational ladder, and the societal ladder. While I believe firmly in The Republic, my country, my people, my nation and defended it for 16 years and came home a disabled vet when discharged, I don’t believe we are doing what is right to maintain our country, our economy, our way of life, if we let what is here go down and watch it sink. I know, many will  say I am crazy, I don’t know of what I speak, I am blowing hot steam, or talking out of my other end, but I am not folks. America is declining because we are not smart enough to figure out, we are blowing it all, we will one day be a chapter  in a history book, or on the internet, the great American Society, that failed and crumbled like all the rest, destroying itself, through, careless acts, greediness, and lack of initiative and caring period. Sadly America do we allow this to happen?

One more thing to consider before you vote in November, Americans, as a citizen and American, do you truly believe you can dig a hole for eight long years, and then fill it back in half the time? Logic, common sense says, no way, try it folks! We gave Obama four years in office and then expected him to dig us out in one term, it took two terms to get us in this deep by the Republicans! Face the Facts America, you vote Republican we go deeper in debt, and you vote Democratic we may someday see the light again. Your Choice!



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