Danger, Danger, America, Danger!

      In the old days of the late 1960’s, on television we had some great shows. Among these were things like, Mutual of Omahas Wild KingDom. MaCales Navy, The Bionic Man and Woman, The Wonderful World of Disney and  more. We also had space fantasy shows, like Star Trek, and of course Lost in Space. Well, the time has come to face the Lost in Space we didn’t want to face, the 2012 election cycle for President!

In Lost in Space back then, they had a robot who would run around protecting lil Will Robinson from danger by screaming widely, Danger, Danger, Will Robinson, danger!. This kept lil Will safe and protected him from being hurt or killed. Well America I am not that robot, but, I do believe we face great danger today in this Presidential Race of 2012.

As the Republican Convention gets set to start on Sunday the 26th of August, we face danger, from the Republican Party. It’s Nominee will be Willard Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President. We do not need these individuals in office to ruin what is left of America and tear down the rest of the economy we have left. Sadly many American‘s look at this ticket on the Republican Side and think they will save America, false they can’t even save their own bills in congress or pass them, nor can they lead anywhere, but to a place I call Lost in Space. At least the producers of such old shows as Lost in Space and Star Trek, had a vision of where we may go one day, these two have a vision of destroying what America has and making themselves and other rich people richer.

 Lets give tax breaks to the rich and make the poor pay for them, right! Lets leave our troops in Afghanistan and continue to police their country, right! Lets kill OBama Care and destroy the one thing that may save and make America’s health care affordable to its seniors and to all! Right! Come on Folks, these two have no jobs plan that will work, they have no economic plan to help us and they want to kill the benefits and organizations we now have that help the public.

As their convention gets closer I stop to think just how Lost in Space these two really are. Stop and think America! Who would block women’s rights to have abortions in cases of rape or to protect a woman’s life? Who would want to over turn Roe vs Wade? Who doesn’t care if the U.S. Post Office goes under, that has been with us since the days of Ben Franklin, the Republicans is who! Who wants to take benefits from the elderly, such as Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and let them disappear from our lives, leaving the elderly nothing to fall back on in their old ages, the Republicans. Sadly, too many Americans belive this crap and listen to these Republicans talk it and they try to sell it to us and some do buy, watch on election day!

As we continue toward a fateful election come November America, we have to visualize what we may become and strive to attain it but making the right choices. This is not the America of the 1960’s, 70’s or 80’s or even 90’s anymore! We have deleted our political clout, we have deleted our resources and our abilities to recover is less than ever before. Is it not time America to pull back from policing other nations, fighting other nations wars and protect ourselves here at home? Is it not time we found manufacturing to employ our citizens and put them back to work? Is it not time to turn the corner in the Housing Markets, Job Markets and make America great once more? Well I believe it is and President Obama can do it given the time to do so. You can’t dig a hole for eight long years every minute of everyday and then ask someone to refill that hole and build upon the new land he put in,in half the time can you America?

 So, I say to you Americans, across out great country, Danger, Danger America Danger, don’t Elect the Republicans! They only want to make more for themselves as they hurt us middle class and lower class and broke citizens!

Remember my fellow Americans, a vote for the Republicans is a vote for Danger, and Destruction! A Vote for president Obama is a vote for hope and a future!

As the robot in Lost In Space said, Danger, Danger Will Robinson Danger, well America I say, Danger, Danger America, Danger, steer away from The Republicans!



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