August, less than 4 Months to Election

      August is usually the month we all look forward to as adults as the month we prepare for out children to go back to school, and what ever preparations we must make for winter in the North here at least. Yet, every four years we as adult americans, must make a choice as to which way we want the Great Republic of America to go, direction wise by picking a leader for the next four years. It is never an easy decision, no matter who it has been in my life time for sure. I was born during the Eisenhower Administration and survive till today. But I have lived through Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Regan Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama. But were these men all the right choices for their moments in time in America’s and the world’s history? That shall forever be the question, will it not?

When was the last time, living in America was affordable and profitable and good for our families, in all ways, how long ago, must we look back before we find that? Well, many have overlooked past Presidents who through force of will, personality and out right skills led correctly, for we tend to forget them don’t we, and live in the moment so to say.

Go back though folks over the years and President’s in my life time alone and you will find only certain ones that stand out for certain reasons and others that american history would like to overlook and forget.

I know very little about Eisenhower in office, but as a General he did lead greatly and proudly. Kennedy’s term in office was far too short for all of us who lived during his days. He stood down the Russians, but created a mess in The Bay of Pigs, He fought the Civil Rights war and died before his time. Johnson picked up Kennedy’s Civil Rights mantle and moved it forward, but involved us deeper in Vietnam and almost destroyed us over it. Nixon opened up China, Russia, and pulled us from Vietnam, but in the end messed up in Watergate. Yet he still was the last man under which we paid smaller taxes, less then a buck for bread and food prices were good under and jobs too. So, he wasn’t all bad was he?

We went from Nixon to his Vice president, Ford. While Mr’s Ford tried desperately to present a forceful figure in the White House as a Leader, he failed to do so because of his accident prone element of his life. Then we had Carter, a quiet determined man who warned us of an energy crisis, failed to complete certain military mission he started and tried to show America the way not with brawn but brains. His time in office was far too short also. Regan came next and under him we thought we had strong leadership, the truth was not his leadership, but the leadership of his wife Nancy Regan. We all now know Ronald Regan suffered from mental disease , Alzheimer’s right after he was reelected for a second term. So we do owe a large thanks to some great First Ladies too in this country. After Regan came Clinton a man who was a leader, but had a sexual problem of chasing young women. He got caught with his pants down so to say, and impeached for it. But in the end he was also the last man to balance the US Budget and leave office with us in the black instead of red. Yes I know ya all gonna say what about the first Bush, well, he will be forgotten in history just asI almost forgot him here, for he didn’t make any big changes or efforts to do anything. except lie about raising taxes, did he?  And we all know what the second Bush did, entering us into wars we didn’t need to be in, driving us from the black to the red in deficits we can’t afford and no one can fix.What was the sense of electing him anyway, I know i didn’t vote for him, who did?. Sadly today, almost four years after the younger Bush left office those who did vote for him, don’t want to admit it publicly!

Now we have Obama who came in, in the red, with an economy that sucked and lost jobs left and right and more problems to get us out of than any other President, since the ones who brought us through wars. He has struggled to produce jobs, and try to balance the budget, because it took his predecessor 8 years to bury us, can we really expect him to dig us out in four? Wake up America, there is no way he could do it with Congress Against him from day one. So here we sit now, having to make a new choice in November, as to who will lead us next.

Before you choose between President Obama and Willard Mitt Romney this November Americans, please stop and think and listen to them both. What visions do they have for America, what concrete plans have we seen from either man regarding jobs,the economy both here at home and in the world, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security,disability payments to Veterans and to disabled people. And then what plans have we  seen to save the U.S.want a President killing Roe V Wade and telling you how to take care of your body, who won’t allow you to abort a rapist’s baby if your raped, or to terminate a pregnancy if it will kill you? I don’t think so, Obama wouldn’t go there on the abortion issue, because he knows women would get pissed and need an option.

As we now close in on the Political Conventions of 2012, we need to get definite answers and plans from both men for each party. We can’t afford not to know where they will lead us or what they will do next. We need to know up front so we can make an educated and smart choice come November. Stop them both, make them face the real issues, jobs, economy,education, healthcare, social security, medicare and Medicaid, and yes even the possible end of the U.S. Postal Service. Sadly we the American people have to elect a President who can lead and lead in the right directions to make it better for our future generations. I believe that man is Obama not Romney, but that’s me, to each their own and lets see what happens in November I say.


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