Here We go America! Election Time is ahead!

     As Americans begin to scamper, beg, borrow and try to survive because of lack of jobs, rising food and gas prices and more, the Republican Convention begins to get underway soon. As the Republicans get ready to name Willard Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan, we need to look for the truths in this election.

The biggest choice we will all make in November on Election day, concerns what will happen to the job market, the economy, healthcare costs, loss of social Security benefits, Medicaid and Medicare and programs seniors depend upon. The cost will rise if the Republicans are indeed elected and you can believe it. The benefits will go down, the cost of taking care of our elderly and disabled will rise also. Sadly, we don’t need lower taxes for the rich, and higher taxes for the middle class and poor, we all know that. Lets keep the taxes down on us lower-income people and make the rich pay more I say.

Another thought to consider here and think about is, who will save the Postal service and such organizations that have been in America since the Revolution?  Are these jobs going too, and will we keep sending jobs overseas? Will we keep fighting other people’s wars too? I hope the hell not! The Afghans are killing American Service Members now, just for being there, yet we try to defend them and police their country, the time has come to stop now and bring our people home.

I have watched the commercials from both parties, the accusations, the sneering, the bad mouthing and more and grow tired of it. If you want to be President tell the truth, be honest, be up front and most of all be humble! Stop lying, and telling stories about the other party and it’s nominees, please. It is beginning to look like two elementary children in a school play ground fighting over things neither fully understand. Lets get the issues straight, and speak plain english please.!



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