Election Anger and False Statements

      As an Independent Voter, who is not a member of either Party, I tire of this bickering, and attacking each other from both parties and candidates. The Republicans attack the current administration and then in turn Obama attacks the Republicans and Romney. What we have here is not an election run by candidates who are adults, respectful and talking issues to the public and the citizens of America, but, two grown men acting like children on a playground in Elementary School. I can do better than you,no , you can’t I can. It feels more like a scene out of the Family Circus in the Comics page in the Sunday Paper!

Romney did not kill anyone and Obama is not going to break Medicare and Medicaid either, The Post Office and the system will go down because of electronic media such as e-mail, social programs like Facebook and more. Unless someone stops borrowing from it and gives it an infusion of cash or credit to continue. The Postal Service has been in effect and working in America since the days of Ben Franklin and our founding fathers in America, why are politicians and men in government going to let it fade?

And what of Social Security Ladies and Gentlemen? Is Congress going to continue to borrow from the money we pay in for our elderly days, till there is nothing left for anyone to have? We have Senior Citizens who have nothing to live on but these checks each month, they depend on Medicare and Medicaid also to pay for medicines and treatments!. So what happens if all of the above goes because politicians can’t figure out how to save it all, or how to refinance it all? Does this mean my children and their children and future generations of Americans can end up living like those in third world nations, hungry, homeless, sleeping in caves and tents and boxes? When will Congress wake up?

I have heard false accusations, false statements, lies and rhetoric from both sides so far now. when will someone tell us the truth Americans? When will one candidate stand up and admit our economy is failing, our job markets suck, because we killed off blue-collar work and factories! When will a politician stand up and tell us Unemployment will not be funded forever and will run out on us all?  Please tell us, Mr. President and Mr. Romney, when will our politicians who represent we the people, actually act and make some positive changes to create jobs, increase the GNP and move America forward once again? When will America be able to compete once more and be on top of the world markets? When will we stop fighting other nations wars and getting our service members killed for stupid reasons?  I have heard enough of the anger and false statements of both candidates this election season already, can someone make them finally give us solid plans, to save Medicaid, Medicare, Obama care, Social Security, and yes The Postal Service? When will either candidate finally show some guts and be honest with the American People and stop pointing fingers and state solutions for all above? Probably never if you ask me, for each just wants to carry on and be marked in history as either a two term President or President at any cost! The Cost Americans is us and the future generations of Americans, yes your children, your grandchildren and their livelihood and lives. Stop and Think, make these men and their political parties come up with solid answers that work! Lets clean up the deficit, lets create jobs, save Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Post Office, make the right choice America, for in the end it is our children, grandchildren and future generations that will suffer and pay for our mistakes!



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