It’s Time to Make a Choice!

  A choice must be made in everyone’s life concerning certain events, certain possibilities and life changing events. For Americans this November of 2012 could be that moment in time! Be careful Americans, make the right choice or lose in November whatever you may have gained in the past 4 years and go deeper in debt and get no changes at all.

         Americans across our grand country are losing homes, jobs and belongings left and right, money is disappearing off the map in financial markets, and the stock market goes up and down on it’s own. The world economy balances itself and tries to survive by countries helping each other through mutual agreements for bail-outs. Will we be next?

        Wars rage across the globe that have nothing to really do with Americans, yet we nose our way in, spend our man power, time, efforts and money fighting them, for what? We need to stop it now and get the hell out of war zones and countries that are in this kind of trouble. The world is looking at America, as a possible saviour for the people of Syria too, but in fact we are too broke to manage to save ourselves never mind them. The will of America, it’s politicians and system has practically run out in the terms of world power. Yes we speak they listen, but then they laugh and walk away, doing as they please. The fact is Americans are tired of fighting wars we don’t belong in and policing countries that don’t give a shit about us too.

       Lets talk about our jobs markets and the problems with them. We need innovation, invention, intervention by Uncle Sam to jump start it all. Tax breaks would help to bring big companies back, these companies pay high tax rates to operate in America and get little in return and then when the numbers  get too high they pack up and leave. No one can blame a company for making it cheaper and making more money if they can by moving overseas. We are losing too many companies this way.

       Jobs are tight in America, this nation runs on blue collar, middle class jobs not the and white-collar ones. Proof  is in the historical look back at America, jobs were best and the economy best when the blue-collar middle class were the backs it ran on. Factories disappeared starting at the end of the 1970s. and continued to disappeared since. Manufacturers said nope can’t afford to pay the taxes here and moved overseas or shut down period. In the meantime no politician took up the cause of saving these jobs and manufacturers, so now the back bone of the America Economy is becoming White Collar Jobs and the Resale Industry and we don’t even sell our own things to ourselves anymore. Why is that? Is American Pride in building the better car, stereo, tv,, bike, or any other device now gone, we don’t care? What is it?

        In the meantime, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security,Veteran’s Benefits and more disappear or are threatened in one way or another, just like the U.S. Postal Service.  Why do we borrow from Social Security and the Postal Service, we are killing good things than telling disabled americans,and elderly people we can’t give them Social Security until they are 70 or 75, next step will be 80 years old and only a few live that long. Lets be realistic here, Americans. for decades upon decades, Americans have paid into the Social Security Program set up by our government for people who earn by working and paying the tax it called for. Now, It will not be there for the next generation because Congress refuses to fix it properly and Americans who paid in will lose the money they did pay in!. Why? Lazy Politicians don’t want to fix it is why!

     So come November 2012 we have to make a choice between two men once more, as to who will lead the country as president. I recommend to all Americans to look extremely close at who you are voting for in all offices not just the top one. The republicans own the Senate and House and they stopped all progress for the last four years. Obama Care did go through and if anyone repels it, it would be stupid for Americans to allow it. Wake up folks, It is time to listen closely to what these politicians are saying and doing! We need a President who will keep Health Care, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security in operation and existence and we need jobs, we need a job plan to get more companies back to america, more jobs for our people and politicians who care about America, not just their own wallets and purses. Vote carefully and I think if you do, President Obama will be in four more years. If you don’t we may end up with Romney and go further backwards till we do become a third world nation. So the Time has come America, for all of us who vote, from the baby boomer generation to make a choice that will affect America for a long time coming. We are now in our 50s. 60s and 70s, and will be leaving soon in some form or way, will we leave behind for those  of ours, a country in devastation and financial ruin and with no help for the elderly or will we make a choice that will save the future for our children and grand children and those beyond them and save America, It is time to make a choice!



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