America, America, Wake up!

      The song goes America, America, God shed it grace on thee, and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shinning sea!.  The truth is America does have brotherhood but not as much as it should be, we are divided over issues that many nations would laugh at and others would ignore.

        Skin color, the nationalities of each of us,the money levels we have and locations. Than on top of that division is religion and matters of history that divide us due to past wrongs done by ancestors not us. Look America we are all on one land mass with the exceptions of Alaska, Hawaii and some islands we took in, why can’t we just admit and accept the fact we are now all one nation!.

       The bitter fighting between political parties, races, colors, monetary divisions and religion must stop. America will destroy itself if these animosities are allowed to continue to divide us all. Sad as it all sounds otherwise America is a great country and we all know it, but will the problems I speak of start it’s downfall and demise? Like many great civilizations in the past, have we run our time out and will we ultimately fall as a nation into the ruins that captured and overran and destroyed other great empires? That question will be answered long after my life is over Iam sure, but it can’t be another 100 to 500 years away before Americans find out.

        Recently a statement was made by an actor who said, Barrack Obama is not the first black American President, well if he isn’t someone tell me, what he is. Ok so he may be a mixture as people call it, but isn’t it a fact he is the first non.White or caucasian President in the history of America enough?  And ultimately, what difference does it make as to what color your leader is as long as he can lead and get things done? Silly shit people say to make controversy is all.

        Also one more thing,did you notice that this 2012 Presidential Election is boring, slow to get started and in the end non-engaging for most? Very few are paying attention to either candidate, why? Because, Americans know that no matter who is in the Office, it is ultimately Congress running the show, and they are totally messed up and stalemated. In the end whether we re-elect President Obama, or elect Romney, it will be Congress that will either let things progress forward or die where it all is. Make the changes in Congress folks, if you elect a Democrat back to the White House give him a Democratic Senate and House, if it is a Republican the same must be true, otherwise America will sit still and never advance a damn inch in any direction. Sadly Americans it is time to be smarter than the people we put in  office and make the government work once more!



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