America, How do We Stop It?

      Across America everyday, more and more violence and strange acts get committed and people act stranger and stranger. Why is this can I ask?

       I believe fully Americans have lost sight of what really counts in their lives and what they need most. They fumble about, allowing their children to do as they please, addicted to drugs, alcohol and video games and yes even computers.  Why is that, well the morals and ethics of our forefathers and grandparents have faded from American Society. The churches have less people, the decisions made are made more loosely and the lack of discipline is fully apparent in the generation currently running the youth of America.

         When I was a kid in the 1950’s and 60’s, parents smacked ya if you spoke back, were disrespectful, and they did things like take away your favorite toys or, grounded you. Today parents are too lax and easy going. Discipline is totally lacking in America’s Society. Now I remind you I am not saying abuse your child, or destroy them, nor am I saying mentally torture a child no, I am saying for all things done wrong there must be a consequence and a result for all done right. Reinforce the good and discourage the bad. one must or society in America will become a rabid bunch of dogs, barking at one another and fighting till it destroys the country.

       Yes I believe the American Dream is still alive I just think too many Americans are letting it slip away because of a lack of morals, ethics and discipline within themselves, taught by their parents who gave them all they could and let them run wild. We have become a society in America who doesn’t teach our children what it is like to earn what they want, but we give them everything and spoil them, and ultimately it makes for a person of loose morals and ethics and beliefs who thinks they can do whatever the hell they really want at anytime and not pay for it if they did wrong. Sadly, proof of this walks across America each day, in the modern era. Children blinded and brain washed by Television, computers, and video games. They have no idea what a real book is, if it is not on a tv, computer or tablet or cell phone screen. Look around you, Americans at Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, Hair Dressers, stores, movies and more, wherever you go some screen is running, keeping someone’s attention in check. Whatever happened to reading a book, writing a story or poetry,playing outside,playing board games with family members, all of the things that kept families intact for centuries in the world?

      American Society has gone from the we society to the me society in too many ways. It is no longer we the people united can do this, or that, or we fight together, or hurt together  or improve together. It is now the me society, I got mine and you don’t, go “f “yourself and get your own!. The days of helping a neighbors child or them, is gone, Americans look at one another with too much suspicion and anger and worry. Why because we allowed the American Society to get out of control, it needs to be reined in again and given some discipline and moral and ethics rules and character once more. Who will do this I don’t know, but, I do see America’s Great Republic and Society finally beginning to crumble much like the predecessors of Rome, The Incas. and The Aztecs. Will it happen, is it time that America’s reign as the world leader is coming to an end? It needs to be examined closely by the brains and geniuses in the world but as a simple middle class American I see it happening slowly all around me. The only question should be for American’s how do we stop it?



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