Reelect President Obama

In the 1960s, we had Kennedy and his brother to  run AMerica for a while, and he changed the world by opening Germany up, fighting discrimination and predijuce, and standing tall, till shot down. Then came Lyndon Baines Johnson, who tried in vain to be a President worth having but failed because he led us deeper into the morass of Vietnam. Following him came Richard M. Nixon a man many Americans say fell into disgrace and shame and brought dishonor to the presidency, but stop and think of this if your old enough, when was the last time gas was cheap, bread was cheap and there were real jobs, Richard M. Nixon had them. I don’t agree with all he did, but I do agree with him opening up Russia, China and the world so they could work with us not against us. In between Nixon and now who has stood up as a great President and did right by the country no matter what happened in their personal life? Well, my answers are simple, James Earl Carter, Ronald Regan, William Jefferson Clinton. Each in their unique way attacked the american economy turned it around and made it work for americans. Funny how it is when you look back at the presidency, in recent times only certain ones really stand out, don’t they? Is Barrack Obama one of them, I think so, who else would finish what their predecessor started and do it right? He got Bin Laden, he brought in Health Care, he is working overtime fighting congress to create jobs and in the end he pulls us out of wars we don’t belong in. I say he is doing a fair job in office, and he needs four more  years to keep going till finished.

       The second choice would be Mitt Romney and in my opinion he is no choice. Do you see any plans for rebuilding America being given by him? Is there a firm plan for creating jobs, and why go kill a health bill just to make a name for yourself when it is helping millions of americans to have it. Sad isn’t it when a candidate can’t be positive, and ends up being only negative and wants to tear down what good someone else did.Why destroy what works and helps Americans? Just so he can get a vote and make himself look good, wrong. He is rich enough as it is and he doesn’t need the position and has no idea on world affairs, employment, health care or anything else. He is talking out his ass so to say and we all know it, send Mitt Romney home and keep President Barrack Obama in office.



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