A Life well Lived when you Give!

     When your young the days pass so quickly and time flies by, the summers seem so short and winters so long. Seems like all you want to do is grow up and be yourself and have freedoms you couldn’t as a child. But then things change as you grow older.

        You reach your teens and you then realized you have things to do and people to take care of and who take care of you. Responsibility comes on you then and slowly you become a woman or a man. You age a little bit more and the urge to reproduce comes along, and sooner than you know, your married and your offspring has sprung. Your suddenly a mother or a father and raising little ones and before you know it those days have gone by and are done!

      Then you live on to see the grandkids come and slow down to play and laugh with each one.You have your aches and pains and memories and scars, but you don’t seem to mind as long as they don’t get away from you too far.

        Then you find yourself with the one you loved and built all of the home and land and  children with and finally have a little time to spend together. You gather round now and then, and have all the children and grandchildren around and play with them till the days do end.

       In the end you find yourself with your lifelong partner and friend, holding hands like school children once again. Slowly you while away the hours and days and years you see, until all that is left is her or me. Then the slow decline takes place you see, as your life ebbs away one day at a time for you and me.

       So when your young and full of life, spend the time with those who love you right. Tell them you care and want to share, and do so out of love and never fear. Enjoy life while you can for all of us, are only human.

     Make you life one to remember, do what you want to for a long as  ever. But always remember someone out there will miss you when you go and are gone. So family and friends, loved ones all, live life fully and have a ball! Aging makes one look back and you want no regrets before that end does come, for that is how life should be done!.


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