America’s Dream, is it Real Anymore?

Is the dream that brought out forefathers here in AMerica still alive today? Or is it really a fading glory and civilization like many others before us?

       America was created on the principles of freedom for religion, freedom for enterprise and freedom for all. Is it still that way in America, well yes to a point and no to another point of it all. America still shows a promise for those who will work and make ends meet and contribute to its ways and style and actions. But for those who can not find jobs, possibilities, and promise in America, you must be persistent and reliable to get anywhere. The other thing that is killing the American Dream is somehow, somewhere along the way we seem to have crested as a society and country and as a Republic. It seems we crested in the 1960s and 1970s, and began the downfall of America from the ranks of great nations at the beginning of the 1980s and have not been able to turn it around yet. Will we,, well I am beginning to think, like the Aztecs, Peruvians, Incas and Romans we peaked after a little over 200 years in existence, funny as that may sound the glory that was America in the old days is now gone, it has faded like a hue off a light cover and become bland and not interesting anymore. The American Indians had their run, the Aztecs and Incas and Peruvians theirs too and one thing history has shown proof of is the rise and fall of nations, governments and people, period. Are we next to fall and disappear into history, as so many other governments and societies before us? I believe the answer is more likely yes, than no. So as we go on in history and time passes American’s need to remember the greater days and return to some of the things that made those days and times so great once more.


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