Obama Care Became Law and Politics

On June 28th, 2012 Obama Care became law of the land all must purchase some form of health care insurance and take part of the cost of helping others who do not have it. As Americans struggle from lack of jobs and a faltering economy healthcare shall now become affordable for all. The plan is not fully understood by me, but the benefits for the elderly, injured will be shortly. For the Republicans to try to stop a HealthCare Law meant to help all Americans well they need to back up and think twice. You want to help Republicans? Do us all a favor and write bills adding to health care to cover any loop holes, or problems there may be with Obama Care. Don’t try to repel this law, by doing so you will put yourself in a bad position as a political party and destroy any chance you have of winning the White House.

     As The Presidential Election gets ready to launch into full gear come August 2012, stop and think before you vote. President Obama did some things in his first term already that will mark his place in history. His Obama Care is just one, this man got the man responsible for killing thousands in New York, he ended our participation in the Iraq War and is pulling us out of Afghanistan very soon. Obama’s biggest problem in running the country is Congress that is  led by Republicans who are mad they didn’t win the White House in 2008. Well, the Republicans had 8 years to run the country under George W. Bush and ran us so deep into the red we can’t breathe, we need to give Obama four more years to dig us out. You can’t dig a hole 8 years deep and then ask one man to fill it back in in four years, doesn’t work folks!. If for no other reason, give Obama a chance to fix it all before you can him this year. Mitt Romney may look good on the stump and talking but in the end he has no solid solutions to the economy, jobs, healthcare or wars we are in. Romney may look good, and be a business person, but his statements are non-realistic at times. Lets keep what we have for now and give Obama four more years!.

      As we look around the world Canada our allies to our north have healthcare for all, and we do too now. Other countries in Europe have it too, lets use their plans and laws as a basis to fix what may be wrong or incomplete in ours and make it work for all Americans.

       And in ending today, I say this to the Republicans and Democrats in Washington, DC who are now in office, your time is up in Congress if you think you can continue to block any progress in America, because you can’t be bi-partisan, we will vote you out if you don’t vote to move the country forward!


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