Break the Blockade in Washington!

     June 15th, 2012 has arrived and all is really quiet on the political front it seems. Are we about to get a media blitz from the Republican Party come September or October for Romney’s mad run at the White House? Can his money really buy him the Presidency? Lets hope not, for America’s sake!

      Half way through June and it seems  no improvements have been made in the job market, medicare,medicaid and no rescue plan is in sight for us in the trade Agreements, Social Security or Postal Service jobs either!  The only part of the government actually working and thriving is the State Department under Hillary Clinton, why is that?

        I have now live through so many presidents it is silly really, when you get to 56, all you really want to do is have one damn good one in office dedicated to helping seniors and veterans and americans of all colors, races and nationalities. One that will stop the bleeding of the United States‘s money and finances and make us solvent once again. One that can and will return our credit rating as a country to the top once more and accomplish something period. A dormant America is not good for America, the World Economy or the World period, without America the world economy flounders and slows to a halt.  Sad isn’t it really, but true, we need to lead for it to all work. It doesn’t mean lead in wars, policing or fighting other countries, it means lead with brains, inprovements, science,financial control and trade agreements and in health and education too. America always led in the past and the world flourished and grew faster than anything in history and America needs to do it again.

        I tire of excuses from the Republican side about what we can do, or should do or why they disagree with President Obama on issues and why they won’t pass a bill worth the shit in Congress or trhe Senate. Sadly changes need to be made this election year, but the change is not to be in the presidency, it should be in the Republican controlled congress and they should be reduced back to the minority period. They are responsible for the log jams in Washington not anyone else, so when you vote in November, and all of us should ove r18 and legal, I say keep President Obama, trash some of the Republican Congress and lets break the blockade in Washington an dmove the country forward.




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