Strange Election Year so Far!

Willard Mitt Romney has the votes and is the nominee of the Republican Party, President Barrack H. Obama is the incumbant so why hasn’t the race really begun as of yet?

         They throw punches from afar like shadow boxers in a darkened room or area at one another, but neither has come up with any concrete plans to solve America’s problems. Why is that and why the jockeying for position and playing around? Kinda funny isn’t it, since, in past elections, all the way back to JFK vs Nixon the war was on hot and heavy with many debates by now, so whats happening here?

         I think politicians are now starting to get a message from some of the american public, they need to get off their asses and get something going and working or get the hell out of office! We the American People need to convey that message these days to them and put them out of work, for not doing the job they were sent to do, by us!

         Sadly, as job numbers change and start to rise again and people’s unemployment benefits run out, no one has the sense to take action and do a damn thing. Sad isn’t it? Jobs are not coming back fast enough, manufacturing is being built once more, but again not fast enough. Our place in the world market is weak now-a-days, as well as in the trade markets, thanks to trade agreements that made our imports out weigh our exports by far. Time to change that is here now!

          The Postal Service is going out of business and cutting jobs for what, because out government borrows from their budget  for other items! Bullshit put the money back, and save the Postal Service, we need it!

            Save Social Security too, stop borrowing from it, too many are on it because of age, disability and more and  we need that money to live. Wake up stop borrowing from it and leave more in there to keep it going, repay what you borrowed now!

        I don’t want to hear how you want to revoke Obama Care, unless you have a full and ready replacement for it. Too many Americans don’t have insurance and we need it damn it. Wake up! Medicare and Medicaid only pays so much, and they don’t cover enough, private insurance costs an arm and a leg. Keep Obama Care, unless you have a concrete plan to replace it period!

        Now I am asking both candidates, Romney the Republican, Obama the incumbant and Democrat, give us concrete solutions to creating jobs, to expanding business and opportunities, and saving the Postal Service, Obama Care. Medicaid and Medicare, correcting the Trade Agreements and moving America forward. If not than you don’t deserve the White House or Congress or the Senate for a job in my mind. It is time for a New Deal like Roosevelt gave us, or something close to it. wake up!

        I have lived now 56 years and seen many Presidents come and go in my life, isn’t it time someone with some guts,testestorone and brains stands up and fixes things? What kind of patty cake playing are you politicians doing at the cost of the American People? Get us out of the wars, bring the troops all home, stop policing other countries and fighting their wars. Use those funds in the billions on improving America’s economy, job markets, trade agreement, medical coverages and save the Postal Service and create jobs. Lets go damn it!

        I have seen Election Years come and go, and seen Presidents come and go, but damn why is this year so strange for an election year? It’s simple , the candidates want to hedge their bets, don’t let them and lets get this strange Election going in the right direction, hold them to their words.



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