Life, Limits and Questions

      As we go through life we face different things that affect our lives, we face loses, we face gains, we face births and we face deaths and ultimately we face reality and our on demise. Sadly, it is a truth of human life on the planet earth, that we have a limited life span. It’s a matter of fact not fiction we all have only so much time to do what we must do and get it done. Sadly, no matter what happens the human body begins to malfunction, break down and give out, muscles go, organs fail and yes we even get diseases and cancers. But it is the spirit of humanity that keeps us going, the interaction between human beings that makes life worth living, is it not?

       Each day we face endings that we wish we didn’t have to face, a pet dies, we bury or cremate them and life goes on, a parent dies and we think we will miss them forever and want them back, but nothing we can do, can make that so, yet life goes on. A parent dies and we wonder why so soon, why at that time did they have to go, we don’t have the answers, but we do know the emotional feelings of the lose. So yes we have no defined times for our lives, some children are born and die the same day or minute, some get killed out in the world playing, and some grow older and die from many causes, but we can’t define why they were all taken from us, can we?

         The biggest mystery in the world is still human life and intelligence and how we live a life span and contribute to humanities continued existence. We do it by interacting with other humans, by protecting our planet we live on, by protecting our own families and creating them. Amazingly it is all this interaction that makes humanity so human and vital on Earth.

      Mankind’s existence is not solved as to where we really came from, evolution does not give us the full answers, religion doesn’t either, it’s still the oldest question known to humanity, what came first the chicken or the egg? We shall probably never know for sure, whether the galaxies and planets we live on were created by a supreme being or it came from a big bang off a star or anything else. The old argument of Evolution vs explosion or big bang theory doesn’t really tell us much does it? For in the end the real questions are simple ones regarding it all. If a God or Supreme Being created it all, where did he, she , it come from and why did they do it? Or if it all came from a big bang off the sun or another planet then why did it happen and what caused it all? The bottom line is mysteries like our creation as a human race is and will always be unanswerable by humans, we can’t get to the point of where we came from if we don’t have any real clues  can we?

       The only way to solve any mystery scientific or otherwise is to dig as far as we can into our own past, and planets history. Yet even with the clues we gather and facts we now know, the answers do elude us, don’t they?

         Some people, believe that knowledge is power and power is to be a leader and in charge. I say real power and knowledge is knowing your own family history, where you came from and where you may go to in the future. The real power in life as a human being is being connected to those you love in such a way as you make a difference in a positive way for all of them. Life shall go on, long after I am gone said my  stepfather  said to me, live it to the fullest, and enjoy it and never forget those you love!.  As he said, I shall be gone soon, as the hours days and weeks pass, and they become months than years, I shall be gone but humanity will be here. The clock shall tick the time shall pass and life will change, enjoy it while you can. For life is limited for all women and men!




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