November is Coming, Race is On!

     June 1st,2012, day is sunny, cool but beautiful, the flowers are blooming and the 2012 election cycle is well under way. We now have the Incumbant President Barrack Obama vs. The Republican Challenger Willard Mitt Romney. Who shall win come November is still the biggest question currently being asked in America‘s press. But to the American people, I wouldn’t count on Romney to win, his views on religion, job creation, medicare, and Medicaid and social security and Veterans benefits will probably sink him. Not to mention his inability to connect and read the American people when it comes to job creation, manufacturing,healthcare and trade agreements. Then add in the facts concerning him and gay rights and the marriage argument and well you get the picture. He may look pretty when he laughs and talks out the side of his mouth, but where are the facts and plans to make it all work? They don’t exist, and why would anyone want to give the rich bigger tax breaks then they have now? Lets face the facts folks, if America elects Romney it will be war after war, first in policing other nations, then against his own people here at home as he gives his rich cronies tax breaks and doesn’t create jobs.

   America needs a President who will correct and protect and fix what is in place not change it all. We need the Health Care Program Obama put in for our elderly and poor and welfare people. We need jobs he is creating in manufacturing and white-collar sides too. We need Medicaid and Medicare saved and keeping going, we need a way to save the U.S. Postal Service, so first class mail comes to us at home and we get our meds for those needing them. We need to get out of war zones and bring our troops, equipment and service members home to rest here and protect the homeland not police other countries. The time has come for America to reelect Barrack Obama, and give him the support he needs in the Senate and House to push America forward, not backwards.  The time has come to let Obama finish his digging us out of the hole his predecessors put us into, financially, and get us in the black once more. You can’t ask a President to dig us out of a hole it took one before him eight years to dig, without giving him eight to fix it all.

         As you stop and think and look at Obama and Romney, do not think color, race, or even political views, think rich vs poor, think helpless vs affluent, think willing to help all, vs willing to make themselves richer and then vote when you go to the polls in November.

       If you want to know why President Obama couldn’t dig us out of a hole made in eight years in four, take a look at the logjam and blockade the Senate and House has built-in front of him, a Republican wall of rich people trying to get richer is all. Vote Democratic, lets give the President a congress to back him, not fight him. Vote out the Republican Blockers and Blockade in Congress and lets move America to a better future!.



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