Who is in Charge?

Men and women listen up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As children boys are taught men rule the world and run it. We are led to believe men are the powerful ones who have the strength and know how to take care of all and the ability to win no matter what. Well, this story is about the real story of who is in charge and why I When you’re a child you listen to what you are taught by the parents and siblings and relatives you are raised with. Whether a boy or girl, usually the process is the same on a mental basis, but, little changes occur as we age some, and usually it starts at a young age. For me it was the summer, I turned 5, before my first class in Kindergarten. know, Women are in Charge, not Men!

My next door neighbor had a little girl my age and we became friends and would play together all the time. We caught bees in jars, built mud castles, played hide and seek and hid in the woods and even played dolls. I know a bad thing for a macho man to admit right, but who cared when they were five years old what you did, not me. We played Barbie and Ken and trucks too, we did it all together her name was Laura. We laughed and played and ran through woods and more. It was a fun period of time for five-year old children, but even at five it was Laura who said what we did or didn’t do, not I. Females have that power over males and of course it got both of us in trouble with our parents, but we were five so who cares. We would play in the woods and pee side by side examining each other and exploring, we were innocent and kids. It didn’t matter, for nothing happened except looking.

It happens, men to us at all ages we just don’t realize it all do we, we grow used to it and the females get used to being in charge and getting their way and life goes on. Sounds silly right, well it isn’t if you stop and think back on your lives men, at least to us straight men.

God gave women the gifts of high voices, long hair and legs and breasts.   It’s funny how when you enter Kindergarten as a kid, how fast everyone looks at you and examines you and you them. Kids point at one another and laugh at you and you do it back it becomes a competition to be in the in crowd even in kindergarten, funny right/ But females ruled there too and always have since. I went from Laura before Kindergarten to a blonde haired little girl name Mary in Kindergarten, trying to impress her and get her attention for the next three years. Of course Mary and her friends just laughed at me, and my acting out got me deeper in trouble in school and at home each year. Whether Mary even knew I existed I had no idea except when I would hear her and her girlfriends pointing my way and laughing. So again, females ruled and picked who they wanted at that age. We don’t rule, women do, and you better believe it.

By the time I left 3rd grade it was on to 4th, and a new little girl to stare at and love from afar, yet I calmed down and didn’t get in trouble that year, but yet again, she didn’t notice me either. Funny how I was noticing them, but they wanted nothing to do with me, because I was a trouble maker, yet that’s how it went, no matter how hard I tried nope, they wouldn’t look my way.

I thought nothing of it. I had a girl I was watching at that time too, In a different school I went to 5th and 6thgrade in another town miles away. When I did I found a ring in the playground out back and her name was Joann, a red-head. Being innocent and stupid or romance and girls, period, I gave the ring to her one day in class. The next thing I knew we were both being teased as being married, it turns out I had found a wedding ring. I didn’t know what was what, and neither did she, but there you have it. Women rule because of these things, she would just smile and never say a word to me again.

By 8th grade and Graduation Day in Elementary School, things had not changed at all for me, I knew nothing of girls or why they would want anything to do with me. I didn’t even look any more, I just was going my own way and doing my own thing. Funny right, but not so funny, when I wore my first suit and got the attention of a different Mary, that Graduation Day. Of course she flirted and complimented my suit and me, but I was stupid in affairs of the heart or attractions or flirting. Mary flirted I laughed, she laughed and we both went separate ways, into Graduation and after.

Next was my Sophomore Year in high school, again I had no idea of romance or girls or attractions or relationships. When a Beatrice approached some friends of mine and told them she liked me. Little did I know how this one would go, but it would be a game of cat and mouse with Beatrice and she was the cat and I was the inexperienced and virginal mouse. It didn’t last long for Beatrice and I because she had a boyfriend already number one and number two because I didn’t know what I was doing. Beatrice and I would walk home from school together and I would walk her further home and then turn around and go home on my own. One day it got so late it was dark outside when reached a spot on the hill to her home and we stopped. She said she was scared of going home and of facing her mother and started to cry and tear up. I had no idea what to do, so I pulled her close, hugged her and kissed her, the first kiss I ever gave to anyone. Yet I didn’t know what to say or do next I fumbled and fell away from her. And that ended it with her, but her sister picked up where she left off next, men don’t run things, women do believe me yet? Because 30 years later I would see Beatrice once more and get asked about that kiss!

Next was Beatrice’s sister, Mary Ann I will call her, she slid up on one side of a cafeteria table in the high school as I was carving my initials into the table with a pen knife and she added her initials under mine and away we went. A dating and romance lasted almost two years before it would end, but it did end even though I loved her, because I quit High School and joined the service, it was goodbye. But again women make the decisions and grab the men they want not vice versa, see women do control and are in charge.

Each step here shows what I am saying, a women whether a girl or full-grown goes for what they want, makes it happen and gets what they want, whether it is the boy or man they want or anything else. It’s true, I guarantee it folks. Men don’t run the world women run the men and the world through their men. Believe me yet? You better folks, because I can keep this up and show you it all step by step, women choose and women are in charge, it is why once we get married it is always, whatever you say dear, yes dear, of course dear. It’s the facts spelled out clearly at marriage time too. I will show you that one next by my first marriage, laughing, you should get the idea now.

We, men, whether in the service or working for a living in one way or another always end up controlled by women by the time we reach out mid-twenties or early thirties. Why, because of sex and a funny little word called love, it starts with attraction, leads to fascination, then to the rest, which ends up with two adults, of the opposite sex dropping into bed and one controlling the other. If a man wants to be in control sooner or later the woman cuts out the sex and he must move on, if he is a normal healthy male with a brain. But that doesn’t mean those little feeling we call love disappear they still remain even after it is over.

I met my first wife in The US Navy at the Wave Cage they called it, or as officially called The Women’s Barracks one day. I went there with music, a tape player and to play pool and chat.  A buddy of mine had a, there and she girlfriend introduced us one day and from there it grew. It led to sex between us and then when the time for us to separate and her to go home on leave, I was left behind but given the instructions by her, to meet her, in my next duty station, which was the same base as hers. She picked me up at the airport and drove me to my first ship. The romance was on, it went from me climbing in and out of the windows of the women’s barracks and drives to the country and beaches and quiet moments together, And then ultimately marriage, and children. She got two kids, we both did, she got two cars, two of everything except houses at once, before it all blew up 12 years later. Funny right, I always said yes dear, whatever you want dear so much, that when she said I want a divorce I said you sure she said yes I said yes dear and left. Men aren’t in charge folks women are, believe me, she got everything and kept it all and the kids and child support, I got the shaft. It’s the way of the world men control nothing we come home sign over the checks or deposit in the bank and never see it again, the women spend it and control it and we  just go yes dear, whatever you want dear. Women are in charge not us men, believe it yet folks, you should!

In the end I got married a second time, and saved my second wife from losing all she had from her first marriage and helped her get something out of her home. We married after the rescue and when we fell in love, the marriage happened 7 years after the start. We waited to be sure and we married because it would become common law anyway at that point. Do we get along, yes, are we happy yes, do I control anything nope, Do I have any money nope, does she yep, all of it in one account and if I want money I get 20 dollars a month. But she buys flowers, gardens, and shoes to the tune of 775 dollars at a shot. I can’t buy a 60 dollar video game, but she can buy a 500 dollar I-Pad, get the idea now folks. Women are in charge not men it’s the god honest truth, try to change it and if your married it will be divorce court so men live with it and admit it, women are in charge they run the men who run the world. Ask Bill Clinton, Ask Barrack Obama, Ask George W. Bush, or any other famous man. Women run the world and are in charge Period, they let us men think we are in charge and we do think that, until we stop to realize we aren’t. That is what I call women in charge, and men don’t think you ever are!



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