Lets Make America Work Once Again!

      Ladies and Gentlemen, America, it is time now to unite and watch the fight for the office of President between President Barrack Obama and Willard Mitt RomneyDemocrat and a Republican with many similar ideas and many opposing ones too. We must now decide between these two men, these two parties and when we do  we must give who ever wins support to make the changes necessary to save America and it’s people.

       If you vote Democrat or Republican you better be eyeing certain issues for all. Social Security, Medicaid. Medicare, Veteran’s Benefits, thePostal Service and more. You better think twice about who will create jobs and how and with what help, who will keep you under Health Care and who won’t, who will take away your birthday, your homes, and your food and jobs if you can’t pay taxes and who won’t! These are now all issues at stake in the 2012 Election. If you don’t think so, well I think ya need to back up and re-gather and look again.

      The U.S. Postal Service is laying off mailmen to the tune of 40 thousand jobs. Social Security is going to dry up, because Congress keeps borrowing from it. Medicare and Medicaid are losing funding, because the leaders we placed in Washington think they give the elderly too much. Yet no one is doing anything worth their time to save these things, the borrowing and destroying continues. Why? I am glad my parents didn’t live long enough to see America on the brink of destroying itself completely like this!

       The Home Market has sunk through the floor boards, the values have gone down big time. Jobs are basically disappearing and going over seas, or totally non-existent because the cities, towns, states and country won’t give them assistance and tax breaks to keep going on.  Sad isn’t it, we can bail out big time companies and banks and Wall Street, but we can’t help the companies who supply people work to live on!

         We sign on to Trade Agreements that benefit other countries and not us and then we wonder why we pay too much and why out imports are greater than our exports! Stupid is what we are really. We fight wars for other countries benefits and kill off our citizens so we can be heroic and look good in the publics eye right, that’s bullshit!. Bring our troops, supplies home, we can’t fight anyone else’s wars no more, we can’t police any other country no more, it’s time to stop being stupid and take care of our own. Does the World know the Great and Powerful OZ of America itself is hurting too?  We have homeless living in cardboard boxes, begging for food on the streets, holding up signs, will work for food! Never in America’s history has this happened except for the Great Depression!. Why can’t people see what is happening anymore!

      Make a difference this year my fellow Americans, Vote in the right President, and then give him the support of his own party to make America move forward and improve, not stand still and bicker. It is time to stop the stalemates,and move forward. Do something right American‘s lets make America work once more!


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