Compromise, A few understand!

Compromising is the act of meeting half-way to get a solution and to make something work out between two parties. It’s the act of giving instead of taking all, it’s the act of being fair, which few know how to do. Yet we all do it whether it is in romantic areas. marriage areas, work areas. But the political parties in this country refuse to do in office. Compromising folks, makes the world go round and avoids wars, and more, why can’t out Congress and Senate and President do it?

         Once you grow old enough to grow up you begin to understand that life is full of compromising facts. You compromise with your partners everyday, whether they be, the opposite sex or the same matters not, you still compromise to keep it going. Yet America now lies in an uncompromising position of not passing any laws, any cooperation or moving anything forward, because the two political parties have decided to fight like little children in a playground. Grow the hell up folks and let’s do something for the American People, The America we love and make it all a better place to be.

       The sad fact is every four years in America, we the people have to make a choice as to which party or person we want to lead us forward into the future, and hopefully, peace, prosperity and happiness, will come from it. But in 2012, we are going to need a Uniter not a Divider, we are going to need two political parties plus a third in the Tea Party to realize, they are tearing America down by fighting it out in Washington and stopping any progress period. Sad it is that it will take the American People to correct it in November 2012. We shall have to give ourselves a boost up and out of this mess by getting the majority of the Congress and Senate and the position of the Presidency once more in one party that will make changes as needed and keep Americans with the benefits we deserve and need.

       You want to learn compromising at it’s best get married and live with the same person for ten years or better, you will find yourself compromising at surprising moments in your life. Well, we need a Senate and Congress as well as a President who knows what it means to meet half-way, to give to get and make ends meet and work out. So in November don’t compromise the truth, give the job to one party and back the candidate for President you vote for with Senators and Congressmen who will work with him, not against us all, by not compromising. Make them understand in Washington, that the big salaries they get and benefits they get must be earned by them, make them compromise and make ends meet like all of us American Families do daily.



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