Memorial Day Weekend 2012

 As I sit and watch TV and parades and people laughing, crying, playing, singing and staring I remember how i served my country in three different branches of service and gave my time and effort to protect what is here. Many today serve to get benefits from the military or schooling, I served to protect what I believed in and left behind, my family, my children, my home town and friends and loved ones. Nothing else was on my mind as I gave sixteen years of my life to my country. I also gave peace of mind up and suffer from PTSD, I suffer from six bad herniated discs in my spine, I have sleep apnea and blood pressure problems today. Yet my time in the services were the best for me, because i was young, strong and kept my country free.

       As you travel to and fro this Memorial Weekend, to the beaches, picnics,movies or stores, or even out-of-town where you can see more. Stop and look closely somewhere you see, you may see a veteran who is like me. You may see a miss in the way they walk, it can be a problem with the way they talk, they may carry a cane or be in a wheelchair, or wear a Vets Cap, or a flag somewhere. If you do take your time to say thanks for they gave up their lives, their health and their time to keep you and America safe and Free, take my word for it for I am a Disabled Veteran you see!.

       Enjoy your freedoms, your peace, your safety, enjoy your families, your laughter and friends, and remember somewhere out there is a Veteran giving it all, so all the happiness, pleasures, good times and friends, don’t end! Happy Memorial Weekend Folks ! Enjoy !




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