12 Things Presidential Candidates need to do!

The dog days of summer are coming and the heat will rise outside and the campaign for the Presidency will too. There will be mud-slinging and more before it is over come November 2012. The summer will bring debates on policy,economics.and healthcare. It will bring speeches on war, the military and more, but will the two candidates face the real issues as the American People see them, or run from them?

       The real issues for the 2012 Election will be the ones to watch for folks. Can either man come up with a good plan to save the Economy, jobs, HealthCare and Medicaid and Medicare as well as save Social Security? Can either one promise to save Veteran’s Benefits and take care of our veterans the way they should be cared for? Will either man be able to find a way to save the Postal Service that so many elderly and disabled depend on for medications and more? What will happen to America in the next four years whether it is under President Obama or Romney? Will America ever regain its credit rating, will America ever level the trade agreements and stop policing and fighting wars for others and take care of its own? These questions need to be put to the candidates and answered not bullshit questions so they can dodge the real issues.

       You show me one of the two who will save Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, stop policing other countries, and creat jobs and level the trade agreements maybe I will vote for them! You show me one candidate who is brave enough to admit they need to help the Postal Service, Trade, the economy and stop all wars and I may think about voting for them. You want the votes of middle america, lower america and the minorities then you need to address immigration, homeland security, and fixing the programs that help americans! Not run from them or avoid them, that isn’t the way to go!

       As the temperatures rise across America, and the summer begins,  we the American People must make a choice of which candidate to choose come November 2012 and I will only vote for the one I firmly believe can address the issues at stake as follows:

       1) The Economy and improving it by creating jobs, giving tax breaks to companies that need them.

       2) Who will address the trade markets and our trade agreements with China and others who now have the advantage over us and level it!

        3) Who will stop borrowing from Social Security and save it for the future.

         4) Who will preserve and protect Medicaid, Medicare, Healthcare and repair the Postal Service.

         5) Who will keep us out of  wars and bring out troops home for all time, and not get us involved again.

         6) Who will save the benefits and plans of the New Deal and make America a better country to live in.

           7) No new taxes period they aren’t needed, lets lower the pay/ salaries of Congress, both Houses, they don’t work they shouldn’t be paid!

           8) Bring back manufacturing, bring back being creative, innovative and inventing and let’s make America a forerunner for all.

          9) You want to be President again or anew, then you must face these issues, economy, jobs, manufacturing, trade agreements, refunding of social security, veteran’s benefits, healthcare,Medicaid, medicare and more. You can’t run and hide without addressing them each.

         10) Face the biggest issue of all for America, create jobs, create manufacturing, create peace and keep healthcare. Don’t destroy it improve it. We need help for the middle class, lower class, not more tax breaks for the rich and upper class. Lets level the playing field and do it correctly.

          11) There must be a way to make jobs for all, not just for some, to get the economy going give companies tax breaks in their home towns or cities across the nation. Lets do something for America and Americans instead of for the politicians and the rich.

          12) Final thing, if you want to be President and lead, then stand the hell up and lead, don’t cower, don’t bend, don’t be a wuss. But don’t police other nations with our troops, bring them home, no more wars!


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