Time to Make Decisions is Here!

     Welcome to a world filled with more pain and suffering then ever before, just not all of it is  war!

        Yes across the globe we call Earth and home, people are suffering from wars, but more are suffering from slavery, forced prostitution,homelessness and illness than ever before, in recent history. Sad isn’t it when people as a species creates cures, money and homes, yet people still suffer, or we already know things are not right and we don’t work to right them?

       I love this world and the country I live in America, but then I look across it today and see the same sufferings and pain  world-wide happening here in greater numbers than ever before in my 56-year-old life. People without jobs begging for pennies and breaks, asking to work for food, homeless people sleeping in card board boxes on the streets and the ill and injured not cared for because they can’t afford health care. Sad isn’t it folks, but if you think America is sad in these ways, the rest of the world suffers far worse. They don’t have the good samaritans we do, or the capabilities we do, do they?

         I tire of seeing pain, my mind wanders back in time and i wonder what happened to the America I grew up in. The one where a stock market soared and people made money, and parents had jobs to feed and home and clothe the children they had. What happened to those days?  What went wrong for the countrys economy and it’s job markets and  Congress and Government?  Back in the 1960s when I was a child a neighbor would come out and help a child hurt or in pain, or help find one lost. Now they all ignore the pain and suffering of others and run the other way, why? Is America heartless and uncaring, are we scared of helping one another, is our social networks in person being changed so badly we don’t talk to neighbors anymore? What the hell happened to the America of the 50s, 60s and 70s even?

        Well looking back I can tell you some changes occurred through media markets and on television and radio. Even the foul language barrier of television history has dropped, so vulgarity is now on television for all to see and hear. Americans are we extremest? Do we go from no, no, no, to yes, yes, yes that easy? Why? Standards need resetting in American culture, american entertainment and in  american lives!. Across this country people run from one another due to skin color,race, beliefs and more why? Is this not America the land of the free and home of the brave anymore? Do we not still have freedom of speech, freedom of action and reaction and equality? If not we need all of it to stay a great nation and the best country on the planet.  We can not rest on past laurels or past accomplishments either, we must forge together as a perfect union and country to maintain and survive in the world. A Divided country, divided over race, religion, ethics, morals or status will destroy our country and way of life, we need to be united and on the same path. Anything less will be useless, worthless and ineffective, to us as a country, as a nation and as human beings!

       The time is coming soon and fast, when Americans must make critical choices in which way our country should go next. Elections come by once more in November 2012, and decisions that will affect out culture, our country, our lives and health care and more are due to be made, lets not make the wrong ones folks! Vote to become energy efficient and less oil needy, vote to save the Postal Service, Vote for Extended Health Care, Medicaid, Medicare and Veteran’s Benefits. Vote to have Trade Agreements changed so we export more than we import once more!. Vote to Create jobs in the country we love and put all who want to work back to work. Lets force the politicians in Washington, DC. to work together, or get them out of office for good. Teach them to be bi-partisan or send them home. You can’t have a President and Commander-in-Chief of one party and majority of another party in Congress and not get blockades and stalemates and more. So what ever we do, women and gentlemen, we need to unite a President with a Congress of his own party and get this country off its ass again and moving forward! The time for the right decisions is now, not later!



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