What happened to the America we intended it to be?

      I tire of ranting and raving over stupid things in America, for no matter what you do or where you live in America there will alway be stupid things to see and people who don’t get it.

       Yet I see it everyday, everywhere I go, people acting like they know it all, or are in charge, or want to be in charge yet aren’t. Silly isn’t it, they all think they are the best of the world, because we are Americans, the truth be known we are not anymore. We have allowed other countries to surpass us in education, and that has led to our downfall. They surpassed our economy, they beat us at trade agreements, and in the end they make us look silly at times. The Chinese are now leading us economically, the Japanese beat us in trade agreements and countries like Afghanistan have us getting our military people killed by them, for what, so we can try to build a stronghold in the Middle East, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!

        We must as Americans and as a country once more Unite and Stand together and change our course back to what made us great. We need Trade Agreements that let us be the exporters once more and import less. We need to improve our education and educate out children and adults better, no one can do math it seems or read or write anymore. Take away the Video Games and computers from your children, teach them to work for what they want. Don’t spoil them anymore, they need to know discipline, they need to learn self-control and manners. The kids in this new century are not the kids we were growing up.

      Sadly they have been given too many things they don’t need, children don’t need computers unless it is for school. Children should be outside playing ball, riding bikes, exploring woods and the world, not sitting inside staring at big screen television, playing X-Box, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo WII games, and not moving, they grow fat and dumb that way folks. When they become adult they can tell you all about how to win a video game or what new ones are great to buy and play, but they know not what a vegetable is or what healthy eating may be. They know not fruits, and veggies and good food, they only know Twinkies, and chips and sodas. Sad isn’t it, ask a kid one day and you will see.

         We also need to help the poor and middle class, they need to be helped for the America we knew in the 50s and 60s and even 70s, does not exist anymore. The factories are less, the jobs are less, there is no big money except for a few. Average Americans struggle to maintain their homes, their jobs, their cars and to eat and drink. We hide it in newscasts and on Television and we don’t tell it on radio programs either, or in the papers but it is here. The homeless live in boxes on back streets, the hungry beg for food on the street corners with signs, yet no one changes a thing and helps anyone. Sad isn’t it folks? What happened to the America we intended it to be, what happened to the real land of the free? What happened to the country we loved both you and me?



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