Stand up this Fall

As many Americans go broke lose their homes, jobs, and more, the rich keep getting richer and the poor, poorer. Sad isn’t it, that no matter what, we can seem to even the playing field in America, especially on the money one.  While people struggle daily to survive others have so much they can blow millions at a clip, on elections and other things and not know the difference.

       Romney, Obama, Politicians on the top of the heap ruling countries and worlds of attention, rich now because of the luck they had with getting educated and being pushed into politics.

      Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg now all rich because of skills and ideas and yes, not sharing enough. Although I will give it to Gates and his wife for helping across the globe, so I shouldn’t really include him here. But you can get the idea I am getting at, how many who have the bucks, fame and resources actually reach out and help Americans not other countries. very few indeed.

         Here is a little idea for the rich in America to consider, you didn’t get rich on your own, people helped form the economy and the country you are rich in. Give something back to the people who’s shoulders you stood upon to get to the top. The workers, the citizens who make america great the real great ones, the blue-collar workers. The ones that staff the, stores,offices and factories. The ones who gave their sweat and blood and time to keep America free, the veterans and disabled elders. The country as a whole needs help to climb out of this economic hole, built by former President Bush. It took Bush eight years to make the pit we are in and you want President Obama to get us out in four, your all sick to think anyone can do that.

       Then on top of demanding President Obama dig us out in four years, you give him a Congress loaded with the opposing parties people, and ask him to work with them and they refuse. If you want to know why the economy hasn’t come back look at a Republican filled Senate and House. While America hurts and struggles to save itself in the world economy and our debts grow deeper, they stalemate and block anything going thru that would help. This is a check and balance system in American Government and I agree with it to a point, but there is a time when bipartisan action must be accomplished and things must be done no matter whose name is on it.

        You want to cut something to help Americans out, cut the salaries of the Senators and Representatives who did the log jamming in Washington, cut off all the wars we fight for reasons not our own, cut the supplying of trade agreements that help other countries and turn it around to help us. My parents once said it loud and clear for all to hear and our Government and elected officials now need to hear it too. Before you can reach out and help, protect and defend anyone else or anything else, take care of yourself and your own! It is time America stop policing the world, allowing other countries to shit on us in trade agreements and take care of our own here at home. Lets get Congress to help our homeless, our downtrodden, our hungry and poor and to stop beating on the middle class and help at home. Stand up this Fall, Vote out the blockade forces in Congress, give whomever you elect and I believe in Obama a Congress to back them and let’s get this country on its feet once more!.


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