America Are you Abandoning ?

      America, America, God shed it’s light on thee, and Crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shinning sea! I used to sing this song each day while i served my country for sixteen years in three different branches of service. I did the Army first which I wa stoo young and immature to be in at the time and , then went back to the Army National Guard and then finally the US Navy. Sixteen years I gave on the belief that America was and is the greatest country in the world to live in and call my own. I thought of family and friends as I served in ships across the world steaming from port to port and doing missions asigned to us. I love America and I gave my spine up for it and for my children and wife at the time, yes as I humped my ass off and did my jobs I did precisely that, I thought of how American Families are safe because of the military and what I was doing.

       Now a days I am a Disabled Veteran who takes pills daily for blood pressure problems, to prevent strokes an dheart attacks of which I have had two. I take pain pills for my spinal injuries and pills for depression due to PTSD, and I lay down when my spine won’t let me stand up. I do less each day and I depend on The Veteran’s Hospital to take care of me here at home, and through my disability payments I get and social security disability I survive. I don’t have medical insurance i can’t afford it. I am not rich or even upper middle class I am regular low income folks. I struggle to provide for myself and my family, and those i love, but thats life when you don’t work, or because you can’t.

        I can’t go out an dbuy new computers, or I pads or Tablets or video games, I have to get used when I can find the money for them. My clothes are older now and my tee shirts ripped and torn, my sneakers give out and i go back to old ones for some to wear. These are now the ways Americans in their fifties, sixties, and sevenities have to think. You can’t go out to eat, or to a movie unless you planned for it ahead of time, life in the USA is not the same way it was growing up.

        America, America, God forsaked us you see, for he left you and met jobless, hungry and homeless you see, America, America, why did you forsake me, I served you well and went through hell and yet you abandoned me. Across America Veterans, and average everyday people who need disability, social security, medicaid, and medicare, cry out for help and Congress wants to cut these benefits, why so you can kill off the generation that produce and protected the country we live in. STop and thionk please, and lets see if we can get America, America, back to God’s good graces, and help our disabled, veterans, and elderly survive longer and live happier.


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