Vote Democratic Across The Board!

      Americans need to unite and improve our own country and stop helping the world, we can’t afford it anymore. We lend hands to every country in the world we can that needs it, but when we hurt no one comes running with help or a hand-out, or for that matter a hand up!

       We race across the globe with our military- ,helping  Afganistan, keeping Iran under control, beating up on Iraq for having Saddam Huessin and taking him out, why?  The only country in the Middle East that would consider America a friend and help us at all is the Jewish State. The bottom line is not even England will do it anymore I believe or Canada to our north or Mexico to our south, not unless our continent is invaded or attacked straight up. Sad isn’t it?

       The strength we once had as a military might still exists, but the economic- might is gone, shot down by the failure of our politicians to control it all. The fight between the two parties is crazy and stupid period, we are destroying what we had and should have for the future by it all. A divided President and Congress is a formula for a dying economy, a dying job market, a lackluster trade balance and no forward motion period. Deadlocks are deadlocks folks, and we have it in our government due to our own stupidity.

       Only one side can run the country at a time, and if you want anything done, or saved from disappearing now is the time to realize this. If you want Social Security saved, Medicare and Medicaid saved, The Postal Service saved and maintained and Health Care kept in placed and improved now is the time to speak up at the polls in November.

        If you want job growth, manufacturing to grow, trade balance where we lead the way once more speak up now! If you want gasoline prices coming down, oil prices to lower and your money to last longer, then we need a leader in Washington, who has a congress on his side to do good things, not stop it all.

        Someone once asked me a question about political parties in America, meaning both Democrats and Republicans. The question was this, what is the difference between the two parties? One person replied one is Liberal and one is Conservative, I said nope, The second said one is pro-life the other isn’t again I said no. Finally they looked at me and asked one more time, What the hell is the difference between the two parties? I replied as follows, The Democrats will spend every cent the government has and finally stop, the Republicans will spend every cent we have but, borrow to keep spending more, putting us deeper in debt!

       Before you vote in November and decide which man and party should run America and it’s Government you need to stop and think! The Republicans had 8 years under George W. Bush to run this land and country, and dug us a hole so big in the budget department we can’t see anything except red. President Obama has tried for his first term in office to dig us out, but you don’t clear up 8 years of  overspending and  red books in four do you? It takes at least the 8 more years to do so and dig us all back out. So when you vote, stop and think which party was in office and allowed the 9/11 attacks to hit us, which party took us from the black to the red in budget books? Which party entered us into wars we didn’t want or need? Then stop and think which party is pulling us out and trying  to balance the budget again and get us going forward!  The Democrats and President Obama need four more years to correct the eight years of mistakes by the Republicans. We need a new beginning and a new way to go, not go back to what sunk us for eight years before. Vote Democrat, Reelect President Obama and give him a supportive cast in the Senate and The House and lets move America back to the forefront on all issues. If President William Jefferaon Clinton left Office with a surplus in the budget big time, and Presient Bush left with the biggest deficiet in recent history, then which party do you think will work to stop the bleeding and balance things? Think Democratic, think Reelect President Obama and lets give him a supporting cast in the Senate and House to get done what is needed.



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